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Dating has changed dramatically over the years. Today is the day of technology. We can shop online for gifts, further our education, find information on topics that interest us. Yes, we now can even try to find our perfect match online. Online dating has now become one the biggest business booms around. More than four million people now use online Dating. By now everyone has heard of online Dating, seen those popup ads, or knows someone who has used this service.

Like most things in life it does have its good and bad points to it. Those who use online Dating sites use them for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking out just plain old fashion friendship, some are looking for true romance, other's a more intimate relationship. With that in mind there are various sites that we can seek out and choose from. Some sites will charge you a ongoing fee, some trail periods, some for free, some have more adult content than others.

Here are some top general Dating sites and there overall features:

Yahoo Personals - Will give you a 7 day free trail. However, after that the prices do vary. You can get one month access for $24.95 a month but if you purchase 6 month option it will only cost you $74.95 which will save you $12.46 a month.

They offer you casual to serious dating for relationship. It is stated that they have over 4 million members. For free membership you can create a profile with a photograph. Browse members profile and complete a free personality profile. If you are a paid member you can than send and reply to messages including instant messages. You are able to use your personality profile to find members who are to be highly compatible for marriage. as endorsed by Dr. Phil himself offers you also 7 day free trail plus what they call a portrait toolkit. They claim to have 15 million members to their site. As with yahoo they too offer a 7 day free trail. You can browse and search their member profiles also.

Once your free membership is over it costs $34.99 per month. For this cost you can receive and email members. See who has viewed your profile. A 6 month subscription will cost you $101.99 which basically saves you $18.00 per month. offers a free membership. Under the free membership you can create your profile with a photo if you so choose to add one. Browse other members profiles. View emails from other members. You do need to be a paid subscriber in order to send emails and do advance searches. They have silver or gold memberships available. If you are a gold member you have access to instant message addresses.

Silver membership costs $22.94 per month and on a 4 month subscription $39.94 which saves you about $12.95 per month. They state they have "nearly two million active members".

Basically online dating does have it's upside with it's downside. On a positive note online dating allows you to meet far more person's than you can through friends, singles groups, church et.. It is easier to end a relationship. If you go out on your first or second date it seems easier for persons to tell one another that they are just not what they were looking for. You have a easier time at finding prospects by what exactly you are looking for largely thanks to personality profiles on these sites.

You do have the downside here also. There is a lot of room for "fakes". Those persons who are not totally honest about their profile. Some have been known to use false photos. Other's may actually be married. After all you can be anyone you want on the internet.

As far as online dating is concerned. It seems like a worthwhile try. Just proceed with action and remember you may not always get what you asked for.

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