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Important Things to Remember When Using Paid And Free Dating Sites

When choosing an online Dating site to join, there are several criteria to consider. Two of the most important are the geographical focus of the site, and the number of active members it has. Needless to say, if the site you're considering has a huge number of members who are in your country then there's a better chance that some will be in your area, and it will therefore be more worth joining.

Generally speaking, paid Dating sites tend to have larger membership bases. This is because they can spend part of the money that's coming in on promotion and advertising, thereby attracting more members. Still, some do tend to inflate their membership claims. So, if you are going to pay for membership, then you should do a bit of research to see just how many people the site actually does have.

Also, most of them do have free membership options in which you can join and look at profiles but not send actual e-mails. Take advantage of this, and check out how many people you'd like to contact that are in your city or town first. And see when they were last active, if possible. Then you can work out whether the site is worth your while.

Rather than just joining one big, well known paid dating site, you can take another approach. And that's to sign up to several smaller but completely free sites. It will take a bit more time and effort of course, but it can be a good tactic. (That said, some of these completely free sites are surprisingly active, and have membership numbers that rival and sometimes exceed the big paid dating sites. The free Aussie site Oasis Active is an example. It's completely free to use and is actually now more popular than all other Aussie sites of its kind.)

One thing to remember when using either paid or free dating sites is to keep logging in regularly. By doing this you will see the newest members very soon after they have joined, and be able to contact them before many others do. Also, you'll be appearing higher in the searches made by others. Being seen by more people looking for partners in your demographic group means that you're more likely to get expressions of interest, or even e-mails from them. Needless to say, responding to such contacts is more likely to result in romantic success, since you know that these people are already attracted to your profile. (And if you yourself aren't interested, it's always a good idea to say "thanks, but no thanks".)

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