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Traditional Dating Service, ELove Matchmaking, Shines In Background

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in response to a lawsuit brought by a woman who says she was attacked by a man who had been charged with Sex crimes.

Paul A. Falzone, CEO of eLove Matchmaking, one of the world's largest matchmaking services weighs in, "Most people who elect to use online Dating services do understand that there is inherent risk to it. Screening new members against the national Sex offender registry may give a false sense of security."

He continued, "Profile authentication is a challenge for internet Dating sites as there is no way to confirm that a person is who he/she claims to be and that they do not have a criminal record. Positive identification and full criminal background checks - as opposed to the one element of a simple screening against the national sex offender registry - are most effectively utilized by traditional 'brick and mortar' dating services such as eLove Matchmaking where our matchmakers meet every new member in person. The human element is necessary for member authentication."

eLove Matchmaking is the fastest growing matchmaking firm in the country with over 50 matchmaking offices nationwide and home offices in Norwell, MA and Los Angeles, CA. eLove Matchmaking goes beyond simple screening for sex offenders. The company has been conducting mandatory criminal background checks for over a decade and, because they meet each and every member, require positive identification and get to know their members, they are better able to authenticate member profiles. Those who don't pass the checks aren't granted membership.

Falzone continued, "Conducting screenings of new members against the national sex offender registry could actually create a false sense of security for online dating site members as a criminal may easily use a false name or identity to circumvent the system. Technically, the information on the sexual offender registry is public and anyone can visit the sex offender registry website in any state and cross reference it themselves.
Sex offenders are only part of the criminal population. To weed out assault and battery offenders, thieves and others, a criminal background check is necessary."

eLove Matchmaking's professional matchmakers meet one-on-one with every potential member and conduct a thorough background check, which includes screening against the national sexual offender registry as well as screening to determine if they have committed other crimes or are claiming to be single when they are indeed married. They also require positive I.D.

"It's important to note that no system is 100 percent foolproof, mainly because there are sex offenders and other criminals out there who haven't been caught and therefore don't have a record. Even with systems in place, there is still a risk and people should take safety precautions. That being said, traditional matchmaking services such as eLove Matchmaking, offer the highest level of profile authentication available, " noted Falzone.

Benefits of eLove Matchmaking
eLove Matchmaking was developed and designed by industry professionals with decades of combined experience in making happy successful couples. With 52 matchmaking offices in 23 states, eLove is everything that singles have been wishing for when seeking a serious, committed relationship.

Additional benefits of eLove Matchmaking include:
Private Profile - Not everyone is comfortable with putting their photo online and revealing their intimate details on the internet for the world to see. Through eLove Matchmaking, member profiles are not made public to the Internet. Privacy is of the utmost importance and enforced with a confidentiality agreement.

Safety - All eLove Matchmaking members are pre-screened and must undergo a mandatory criminal background and I.D. check. eLove Matchmaking reserves the right to terminate a membership for behavior unbecoming of a lady or a gentleman.

Personalization - eLove matchmakers get to know their members. Member information is not simply run through a computer system and matched up by demographic data, but through a combination of science, intuition, experience and insight. A matchmaker selects matches that offer the maximum chance of success. No matter how good a technology is, quality matchmaking is and always will be a subjective matter.

eLove's Matchmaking Service offices are located in: Arkansas (Bentonville, Fort Smith, Little Rock); California (Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Sacramento, Walnut Creek, San Diego, Santa Rosa, Westlake); Connecticut (Glastonbury, Stamford); Illinois (Chicago, Downers Grove, Normal, Schaumburg, Rockford); Indiana (Carmel, Ft. Wayne); Kansas (Overland Park, Wichita); Maryland (Columbia, Frederick); Massachusetts (Newton, Norwell, Shrewsbury, Woburn); Michigan (Bingham Farms);Minnesota (Edina); Missouri (Springfield, St. Louis); Nebraska (Lincoln, Omaha); New Jersey (Iselin, Saddle Brook); Nevada (Las Vegas); Ohio (Cincinnati); Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, Tulsa); Pennsylvania (Mechanicsburg, Philadelphia); Rhode Island (Warwick); South Carolina (Greenville); Tennessee (Memphis, Franklin); Texas (Austin, San Antonio); Virginia (Falls Church, Richmond); Wisconsin (Appleton, Elm Grove, Madison).

For more information visit elovesuccess.com.

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