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Avoiding Common Dangers on Free Dating Sites

Free Dating sites are a boon for singles all over the world. These websites allow single men and women to connect with others who share similar interests and romantic expectations. However, these sites offer hidden traps and dangers to unwary daters. Nevertheless, with a little bit of caution, you can easily avoid these snares to successful find dates online.

Safety Tip #1: Keep your Dating id and your ordinary mail separate

The first and most important precaution is to not use the same mail id you use for your ordinary work or personal communications for these websites. It's a simple matter to create a new email account on one of the dozens of free email services that are available online. Just make sure to create a profile id that does not include any details about your real name, your work or your location. Instead, use a nickname or a descriptive appellation or tag that hints at your interests and hobbies.

Safety Tip #2: Never, Ever Share Personal Information on A Public Forum

While the better internet dating sites try and moderate their users and offer secure connectivity, it is still easy for stalkers, sexual predators and other weirdos to slip in through the cracks. You can never be sure who all will come onto a public chat forum. As such, it is essential that you never share any personal details on an open forum. This includes your address, your work details, your telephone number, or even your email. Legitimate users will take the trouble to 'IM' you privately so that they can get to know you. Also, sharing such details can make you seem naive or desperate; neither of which are attractive qualities.

Safety Tip #3: Always Be Wary of Requests for Membership Fees or Financial Details

The very thing about free dating sites is that by definition they are free. As such, any demand for payment is going to be rarely legitimate. The same goes for any kind of request for financial details or back account information. All these are definite red flags and should be avoided.

These rules may sound like simple common sense but as the old aphorism goes "nothing's as uncommon as common sense"! It's easy to forget your precautions when you are on a dating high; but these rules can prevent you from costly mistakes and lifelong regrets.

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