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Vancouver Island Dodge - Repairing Dents And Scratches On Your Car

When we buy something new, our first reaction would be to prevent it from from being scratched or damaged immediately. I used to be a collector of action figures myself, and I hate to see my miniatures' surface getting grazed or marked in any way.

Now that I am a regular customer at a Vancouver Island Dodge dealer, and every time I get a new car from my Dodge dealer, the last thing I want is a scratch on my vehicle.

Sometimes though, you cannot avoid those marks. An accidental bump against a trash can or a lamp post can definitely cause small scratches and dings.

When this happens, can a car driver do anything to at least slightly remove those car scars? And how would you avoid getting them in the first place?

For minor scratches or dings, you do not need to go to your Jeep dealer or Chrysler dealer just to get your car fixed. You can try doing the following on your own:

Painting over scratches

To find car paints, you can visit your Vancouver Island Dodge dealer's shop and ask about the color code of the paint. If the scratched is small, you can just buy a paint that is similar to your car's color.

To make sure that you will not make a mess with your paint application, you practice your strokes first with an aluminum sheet or metal piece. The materials you will need are primer, rust arrestor, and sanding paper, a brush and applicator (which usually comes when you buy the car paint).

Then do the following:

  1. Clean and dry the scratched spot before applying anything.
  2. Start sanding the area.
  3. Apply the primer first in small amounts. Let it dry.
  4. Mix the paint thoroughly and then, using a small paint brush, paint over the scratched surface.
  5. When the paint has completely dried up and has fully adhered to the car, polish the area to blend the paint in.

Using simple tools to quick fix dents

This is applicable for small dents only. If your car has a large dent, it is best to get it to your nearest Dodge dealer or Chrysler dealer.

For minor dents, you can do the following:

  1. If the shallow dent is located on aluminum made car areas like the hood and the doors, you can try fixing it by using a toilet plunger (you can buy a new one of course). Rub some petroleum jelly on the area for better a better grip on the toilet plunger. Push and then pull back toward your direction immediately for a quick fix.
  2. If the dent is just a minuscule one, you can also use dry ice. Heat the area first usign a blow dryer. Then, with gloves on, immediately apply the dry ice.

These quick fix advices can only be applicable on minor dents and scratches. If the dent or scratch on your are is serious, you must take it to your Vancouver Dodge chain or Jeep dealer for a sure-fix.

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