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Get Back an Ex-girlfriend

This might sound silly but if one has got real feeling towards his ex-girl friend and sincerely wants her back into his life then it is worth that he does things seriously to win her back. It is alright to be the smart and stubborn guy but when one comes into relationships the ego of "I, Me" must be changed. He must put in more and more efforts to bridge out the gap between him and his ex-girl friend it is wise to apologize sincerely to her. It might be right on the man's part for shouting at his beloved but only if he be in her shoes then he might know for sure that his screams and arguments are not worthy for building a strong and efficient relationship. Secondly it is not good to find excuses to judge that your miss-conduct was purely due to the girl friend's behavior and words. Hence a sincere apology is surly a best way for making a girl friend reconsider the man's feelings for his beloved.

In many broken up relationships one can notice that the boy would wait for his girl friend to come and apologize to him. This is wrong and one must never forget the basic fact that many girls would never wish to be the first to apologize for their wrongful act. Hence the man should be the one who should boldly and smartly win back his girl friend. Every second/minute spent by the man after his initial break up with his girlfriend might prove to her that he does not actually care about her feelings and her importance in his relationship is not considered or understood by him. It is vital to change such an indecent act for the good of both the man and his beloved. If a girl friend is displeased with the way the man lacked a good ambition then it is wise for the man to strive for a good aim and prove it to her that he would certainly improve as time pass by. It is also important to talk to her friends. In various occasions a girl friend might have referred to her other friends with whom she might openly discuss her feelings. It is vital to keep a close note of a list of the friends and their contact numbers as it would help a man know of how he could trace her back into his life. He could call her friends and tell them how much he had missed her and that he would certainly change his attitude and understand her better. These words and the actual change of conduct would pave way for a man to win back his lady-love/girl friend.

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