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JV Partners and List Building - Is It For You?

JV partners are a sure fired way to increase your profits. Let me explain

Jv partners can be a good thing for your business, or a bad thing.

So first off, what are JV partners? JV stands for joint venture and a joint venture partner is, quite simply, someone just like yourself that is marketing online, has a list, and is looking for a way to build his list, just like you are. Now, you cannot do this when you have no list, but as soon as you have about 500, you can get pretty aggressive with this technique. If you do not have a list at all, you cannot participate in this kind of thing.

All you need to do is locate others online who has lists just like your own (they may range from 500 to 10, 000 or higher) and both of you agree to swap mailings. You will mail an opt in offer of his and he will mail an opt in offer of yours. The way I do it is send out an email to everyone who has a list that mails me, asking them if they would like to mail my list in exchange for me mailing his.

Now this offer should only be to gain subscribers, not to sell anything at all. If you write a strong email and offer a valuable incentive to opting in to your list, you can get as many as 25-35% of a fellow list builders list to opt in to your list. Imagine if you were to assemble a collection of other marketers who have between 500 and 10, 000 names each on their lists---perhaps a total of 40, 000 email addresses all together. Now, imagine if in one huge JV email swap you could come up with just 25% of their subscriber base as your own. You would add 10, 000 subscribers nearly overnight! But you have to be careful.

Remember that you are diluting your list when you do a JV partnership. As your subscribers subscribe to other lists, they are going to be getting more emails from others, diluting your own email efforts. So make sure that over time, you are getting enough or more benefit from the additional subscribers to offset the loss in business on your end.

I hope you found this useful.

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