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Sex, Male Enhancements, And Diabetics

We've all seen and heard the magazine, television, even telephone advertisements about male enhancements. So, just exactly what are male enhancements, do you need them, are they safe, and do they really work?

Male enhancement products are supplements, usually in pill form, designed to improve a man's sexual function, performance, and enjoyment. Many are natural herbal concoctions that, hopefully, increase erection effectiveness and staying power. The formulas claim to improve sexual health, guard against premature ejaculation, increase orgasm sensations, boost libido (sexual desire), and restore the body's hormonal levels. Some even claim to increase the penis size! So, is that to say that good things don't come in small packages?

As a young man, experiencing orgasm were almost inevitable, easy, and quick. Older men might not experience the explosion of orgasmic pleasure and feel upset or irritated. Perhaps these men say they can still enjoy themselves, or that the inability to have an orgasm doesn't really bother them all that much. Yeah, right, whatever you say.

Like clockwork, sexual drive and performance declines naturally as men age, but rapid or severe decreases can be a red flag. Erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of heart disease or elevated cholesterol levels, in which only your doctor can rule out. Another reason for decreased libido can be low levels of testosterone.

It's not uncommon for males to experience the embarrassment of impotence at some point in their lives, especially in their 50's 60's or older. Diabetic men might experience the onset of impotence 10-15 years earlier than men without diabetes.

If you're not monitoring and maintaining your blood sugar level, nerve damage within the penis is a possibility. When nerves are damaged, blood flow to the penis can be lessened, and an erection becomes all but impossible - just a distant memory. And, complicating matters, some medications used to treat high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, or peptic ulcers can add to erectile dysfunction problems.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that prescribed medications have been tested and found to be effective for men with diabetes (according to Life Clinic Health Management Systems)! The bottom line is don't wait until your doctor asks you if you're having sexual performance concerns. If you are, speak up and ask for help! There are many safe male enhancement treatments available that can help men with diabetes continue to enjoy a satisfying Sex life.

Difficult as it may sound, some men would rather avoid sexual confrontations and held captive by involuntary celibacy, than discuss their problems with their partner or doctor. Sure, some illnesses or medications might prohibit sexual activity, but usually the right treatment is available. Remember when sexual experiences and conquests were usual events? Were you considered a stud muffin, boy toy, or hunk? Did you look at life differently; did your partner look at you differently?

Oh, go on - what are you waiting for? Get enhanced! Surprise your yourself, surprise your partner!

By Jessie Penn - Hailing from Pennsylvania, I ve lived in several U.S. states because of my involvement with the Department of Defense.  

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