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Fake Cock And Fake Pussy For Real Fun

Living in crazy fast paced world as we do filled with multiple Sex partners and no Sex partners, safe sex and not safe sex sometimes a person wants to simply shut the bedroom door and let the world fend for its self for a while. Now that being said a person still has needs and they can be addressed just fine behind those closed door. Ladies can reach for dildos in the top drawer of the bedside table and the guys can reach for that shoe box under the bed that holds the realistic pussy. When you want things done right sometimes you need to do them yourself. This is when you want to know you have the right sex toys to cure what ails you.

Dildos have been around for so long archeologists actually find them in digs. There have been made from just about anything a woman felt safe putting inside them and probably a few things that weren't. Today's dildos are as totally varied as they are made out of quite a few different materials and so many styles and colors it defies imagination. Dildos can be bulbous at one end or ribbed down the length, studded or curved any anywhere in between. They can be made out of silicone or rubber, plastic, glass, stone or metal. There are even gold plated dildos for when a girl wants the very best. The early dildos were made out of leather but there are so many more convenient choices now. There are quite a few models of dildos out there now that can vibrate. Things that vibrate are not exactly uncommon in the adult sex toy world. Remember it's not your outside appearance; it's what is inside that counts.

Now for the guys there is the realistic pussy. These are usually made out of a silicone or latex material and like many other sex toys they come in so many different varieties and styles. It seems every porn star that has even sort of made a name for herself has a realistic pussy modeled after her charms. The realistic pussy usually comes alone but you can get models that include a nice tight little backside for you evening's pleasure. The realistic pussy, with some models, can also come with different styles and degrees of pubic hair. The realistic pussy has come a long way in recent years. You can get them that appear a bit older or younger depending on your preference. They can be purchased tighter or a bit accommodating whatever your needs are. The realistic pussy is a great toy to have around when the nights are cold and lonely. It's the rare man, single or married, that has access to a girl that wants to have sex every night of the year. The realistic pussy is there 24/7 for those times when finding a willing partner just really isn't in the equation. They all come with the guarantee of no cuddling afterwards.

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