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Joint Venture Opportunities - Finding Partners

Top Tips To Supercharge Your Networking

Let me give you a short primer on how to MAXIMIZE your Joint Venture opportunities while you're anywhere else high-caliber people come together.

I was once told that the army uses the motto called "5Ps" - Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Like anything else in life this applies to, remember the 5 Ps and you will be able to do more and better and faster joint venture deals.

If you're coming somewhere to network with top people in the field, I want you to come prepared. The first part of the preparation is mental, come mentally prepared with total expectation of winning BIG. Visualize what it'd be like to have the top gurus doing JVs with you and getting Big Fat checks.

Now I'm going to share with you both some basic and highly advanced strategies for maximizing your networking. You don't HAVE to do any of them to get results, because showing up is 90% of your success. All you need is one good JV or one good contact or one good idea to get your money's worth for almost any networking event or seminar you attend-whatever the kind.

This reminds me of Woody Allen's comment I'll paraphrase:

"If you show up - you're ahead of 90% of the people,

If you show up on time - you're ahead of 95% of the people,

If you show up on time with a plan - you're ahead of 98% of the people and

If you show up on time, with a plan and take action - it's FAT city!"

For some people that 90% of success is enough.

The other 10% is what I'm talking about. That's where you rise above small successes and reach the next level.

Show up on time with a plan and take massive action, and do it all in a way that stands out from the crowd!

Let me give you some practical advice for this or any conference you're attending with people who can get in business with you.


How about something like attending networking events having a copy of your product to give away free for potential JV partners? How about dressing your group in matching outfits, shirts, or hats that are outrageous or branded to your company name? How about handing out a special report with tips written specific to the type of people who will be attending the event with you?

Do you not think that something like that makes one heck of an impression on a new connection and potential JV partner you meet at any seminar or networking event?

You bet your sweet bippy it does!

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