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Causes of Vaginal Dryness And Its Effects During Sex

What if you find your partner in pain during intercourse? Yes, sometimes women feel pain during intercourse due to the dry vagina. It is the most prevalent cause of pain during the intercourse. As far as causes of vaginal dryness are concerned, there are various factors that lead to this condition. However, menopause is the most common situation when vagina could not get lubricated properly. Menopause is the condition when the menstruation period of women ceased or stopped permanently. Most of the women encounter Sex problems during this phase.

Causes of vagina dryness: Usually, when the estrogen production recued in women, the vaginal dryness condition occurred.
Normal aging
Diabetes - Uncured or Untreated diabetes caused Sex problems due to dry vagina
Chemical allergy
1. Soap allergy
2. Perfume allergy
3. Dye allergy
In some cases skin infections are caused dry vagina
Progesterone contraceptive agents

These are the common causes of vaginal dryness. However, it can be easily cured if women follow proper treatments whether it is home remedies or medications. It is extremely recommended to determine the symptoms of dry vagina condition and rush to the doctor for curing this problem.

Symptoms of dry vagina:
1. Bleeding and pain during the intercourse
2. Brining
3. Watery vaginal discharge
4. Itching
5. Stinging
6. Urinary frequency

Treatments and preventive measures:

There are multiple things that you can do to deal with the vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy. However one of the best treatments is hormone therapy wherein the estrogen is replaced.
1. Systematic estrogen - It is the hormone where estrogen are replaced
2. Vaginal lubricants - It is another best measure of dealing with vagina dryness. It is particularly used at the time of sex to avoid the pain during Sex. There are different varieties of vaginal lubricants available in market such as water based and silicone based. You can use any of them to lubricate your vagina to enjoy your sexual intercourse without pain 3. Vaginal moisturizers - Vaginal moisturizers can be used properly to make your vagina lubricated throughout the day and prevent dryness caused problems such as itching and burning.
4. Keep indulging sexual activity - Having sex frequently is another natural way of nourishing the vaginal cells properly.
5. Start with foreplay - Having good foreplay can lubricate the vagina properly and prepare it for painless Sex.

This is all about the causes of vaginal dryness and its related sex problems including solutions.

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