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Senior Sex

Sex, for senior citizens, is alive and well. If you are younger than 40, and cannot imagine your grandparents having an active Sex life, I am sorry. Granted, for some senior citizens, barriers have developed for an active Sex life. Aging sex partners do have some challenges to overcome. However, with the help of pharmaceutical companies and some imagination, they do just fine.

The Fear is Gone Most seniors no longer have children in the house. Therefore, noise is not a factor. They no longer worry about pregnancy. They know their bodies better. Sex, at this point in their lives, is better than ever.

Senior Sex Takes Time As a person ages, sexual responses are slower. The quickie, at lunchtime, is now impossible. For one thing, it takes at least an hour just to undress. It takes much more work and much more time to stimulate your partner. After all that time and all that work, senior sex must be followed by a nap. Total time needed, at least four hours. This is one reason why senior citizens must retire. There is no time left for work.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder Remove the clothes from most senior citizens and the sight is scary. However, nature takes care of this circumstance just fine. My wrinkled skin, flabby belly and age spots may be a turn-off to anyone seeing them. However, my husband's eyesight is not nearly as good as it used to be. The fact that he cannot see that well is a major advantage. Actually, most senior citizens find their way around the opposite sex through memory and feel, not through sight.

Senior Sex Must be Creative Think of the physical contortions and calisthenics involved in sexual acts at younger ages. If you are young enough, you take them for granted. However, as time goes by, several things happen to your body. Now imagine performing all those activities with arthritic hips and artificial knees. Add to that, an extra 40 or 50 pounds each. The senior couple must be creative and mutually considerate in order to accomplish the near impossible.

Senior Sex Location No question about it, the bed is the only suitable location for senior Sex, preferably a king-sized bed with lots of pillows. The days of narrow couches, hard floors or bending over dining room tables are long past. The senior body is now bigger, stiffer and sorer. It does not move as well and needs the extra padding of the mattress.

Senior citizens have learned to communicate their needs to each other. Give them enough time, a soft mattress and a little privacy and they will conquer all the challenges. As my husband says, "I may be old, but I'm not dead yet, and I like it."


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