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Don't Pull a David Letterman, Find Sex Online - Not at Work

David Letterman Apologizes to Staff. The 'Late Show' Host Strikes a More Contrite Note on His Monday Show.

Poor David Letterman. He's really getting hit hard by all the controversy circulating around his affair with an intern from the "Late Show". If only David Letterman had used an Adult Dating site to find Sex online, maybe his secret would still be safe.

Instead, David Letterman is now dealing with a public scandal that could have been easily avoided. Amazingly, the affair going on behind David Letterman's wife's back wasn't the biggest part of this controversy. The big story is the idea that David Letterman seems to be constantly having his way with young interns on his show.

Why doesn't Dave give online Dating a shot to find Sex online? Maybe he would've seen how easy it is to find a date without all the consequences that come with Dating someone in the workplace. Nowadays, dating online is easier then ever and it is definitely a better idea then looking for a date in the office - especially if you're the boss.

Think about it. Dating online takes all the awkwardness and scandal out of sexual relationships. It is easy to search for people online without divulging any personal information whatsoever. Even if you wanted to be totally anonymous, Adult Dating sites allow you to watch others on web cams or chat with other members on your own terms.

Of course, posting photos of yourself is and always will be the best way to meet others online, but that's not to say that you can't keep your profile as secretive as you'd like. On adult dating sites you have the choice to send your photo to other members, post them on your profile or even post a photo on a forum that all members can see.

Don't pull a David Letterman, whether you're married or single, dipping your pen in the company ink is always a bad idea.

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