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How to find a dance partner

Do you want to find a dance partner? Then this is the article for you. Here you will learn how to find the right partner for you and where to look for one. Enjoy

Finding a dance partner to practice with is among the most beneficial things you can do for your dancing. Together with a partner you'll be able to get extra practice outside your dance lessons to review and perfect your movements. But where do you start? And just how do you make sure that you will find the right partner? These are a few of the questions we will be addressing during this article.

The initial step in your partner search is about you! You need to be totally clear on what you are looking to get out of the partnership. And then, use your personal requirements to screen possible partners. To save you time I've put together Three great questions you should ask and discuss with a prospective candidate. These provides you with a good idea if you have a fit or not. Without doubt there are lots of others, however these are a good start.

They are::

1. Do you have the same ambitions?

Some people wish to become the next Blackpool champion while others are simply aiming to be able to lead and follow someone at a social gathering. It doesn't matter the goals are as much as selecting someone who has the same ones as you do. And so don't forget to spend the time to really see what they are looking to get out of this relationship.

2. How often do you want to practice?

Would it be daily? Once per week or once per month? I recommend no less than one training session per week on a steady basis. Next, be sure to decide on the length of time you wish to practice on every occasion. Is it 30 minutes? One hour or even more? Be sure you discuss this ahead of time to avoid future frustrations.

3. Are you able to work together? Are you compatible?

While you are not trying to find a soulmate, make sure that your partner is someone you want to be around. You need to determine if your personalities fit. If you're an easy going, social dancer then it could be very essential for you to find a partner who wants to keep it light and fun. However, if you are competitive and serious, then you'll need to find a partner who has similar drive and focus.

Now that you know what you have to discuss with your prospective partner, let's look at phase 2 - where can you look for one?

Here are Three spots to look for a partner:

Dancing studio

Your current dance studio is amongst the first place you need to broadcast your search for a partner. Let them know how old you are, height and goals them if they have anybody in mind for you . For the reason that they know already your personally they might be able to advise someone perfect for you.

Fellow dancers

Notify all your "dancing buddies" that you're on a dance partner pursuit. They may have a friend to refer you to. Typically, the more people you tell the better, it's a numbers game!

On the internet

Here is the newest and incredibly effective spot to look for a dancing partner. There are now many sites that provide paid and free partner classifieds. The nice thing about these websites is the information they provide about every dancer. They will usually have their photograph, height, age, gender, location, a little biography and what they are looking for, all in one place. Lately, I have also noticed a number of people posting their youtube online video Link so you can view their dancing immediately!

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