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An Overview of Trichomonas Vaginalis

In today's society a lot of things have changed, especially the way people maintain their relationships in terms of being physical with their partners. This pattern of relationships has actually proven to be more hazardous than better. People who have multiple Sex partners or tend to change their Sex partners frequently are at a higher risk of developing sexually transmitted infections. The number of people suffering from sexually transmitted infections has increased to a great extent. You can contract a sexually transmitted infection by having unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner. Sharing your sex toys with an infected partner can also increase your risk of developing a sexually transmitted infection. It has also been observed that men and women who have become sexually active at a very young age tend to contract a sexually transmitted infection.

What are the different sexually transmitted infections?

Sexually transmitted infections can either be bacterial or viral in nature. The bacterial infections, although can be cured completely with the help of antibiotics, can prove to be more dangerous than viral infections that cannot be cured completely. The bacterial infections, in most patients, hardly ever show any symptoms, which can lead to several other health complications. Trichomonas vaginalis is one such bacterial infection, which is caused by a protozoan, a parasitic bacterium. Although it is more commonly found to be affecting women, even men can contract this bacterial infection. This infection tends to affect the urethra and prostate gland in men, and the urethra and vagina in women. Although an uncommon STD, it can prove to be harmful if left untreated, as it can cause premature labour in women and prostatitis in men.

What are the symptoms of trichomonas vaginalis?

The protozoan causing this infection is said to live in the urethra or vagina of an infected person, which makes it easier to be passed on from one person to another. Men who contract trichomonas vaginalis can experience symptoms such as discharge from the urethra and painful or increased urinations. Women on the other hand, are likely to experience more symptoms in comparison to that of men. The common symptoms experienced by women who are infected with trichomonas vaginalis include vaginal itching, soreness or inflammation; painful sexual intercourse; pain while urinating; pain in the groin area; and a greenish-yellow discharge that can be frothy, with an unpleasant fish-like smell. If you have had unprotected Sex, and are experiencing such symptoms after about two weeks or so, then you can get yourself diagnosed for the infection.

How can trichomonas vaginalis be diagnosed and treated?

For diagnosing trichomonas vaginalis, you can take the trichomonas vaginalis test, which you can buy through an online registered clinic as well. You are required to send your urine sample in the specimen tube that is provided to you along with the test kit. You are likely to receive your test results within a span of two to three days. If the test results are positive, it indicates that you have been infected with trichomonas vaginalis. Being a bacterial infection, fortunately this infection can be cured completely with the help of Metronidazole. This pill has been proven to be quite an effective treatment for trichomonas vaginalis. You can either take this pill as a single high-dosage pill, or take a lower dosage for up to 7 days.

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