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Ricky Martin, Same-Sex Marriage And Justice Scalia

When popular singer Ricky Martin announced in the open his homosexuality, the world was stunned despite earlier suggestions that he really was gay. Behind that declaration, people will possibly want to imagine Martin's partners, anal and oral Sex, man-to-man kissing, petting and caressing, and whatever intimate body calisthenics inside the bedroom but outside of the conventional. Disputably, what was not normal before might already be by now. Creatures including man evolve, culture evolves, and beliefs evolve. Just anything in this material and earthly world evolves.

Sodom and Gomorrah were allegedly punished by God most likely for violating the supposed natural inherent that there are only two genders. So, if you were gay, you better went straight. If you were lesbian, you better converted yourself to pure womanhood again. If you did not, be prepared for the divine curse and condemnation. This thinking was instilled for centuries and being a member of the so-called third Sex was taboo. According to the National Geographic it still is. But if you look at societies now, it is obvious that the old and once deplorable behavior is back. Same-sex unions, clandestine or discreet or public, are all over. Even United States case laws and jurisprudence have to adjust to the changing times. In one case, the Supreme Court held in favor of a peeping tom officer who arrested homosexual Michael Hardwick while the latter was engaged in consensual sexual acts with another male even if those were done within the confines of the gay man's private space. A few years later, the same Supreme Court, composed of a different set of members, declared otherwise, that is, enunciating that same-sex partners have the constitutional right to do their own thing in mutual consent within the four corners of their personal territories. In that case (Lawrence versus Texas), Justice Scalia did not agree with the deciding majority saying that such tolerance would open the floodgates to more significant issues like same Sex marriages, bigamy, etc. He was correct after all.

In a not distant future, America will possibly have a male president with a disclosed male partner in legal union. His First Gentleman will be doing the chores of Jacqueline Kennedy, Barbara Bush, Pat Nixon, Nancy Reagan, et. al. Ricky Martin is not and will never be alone.

By Pepito Presquito - Lawyer, Certified Public Accountant, good cook  

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