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Test Drive, Part 1

Naked, Tracy rolled out of bed. She began jumping up and down, giggling, her breasts bouncing, enticing him even more than he already was, rigid to the point of his manhood being past a forty-five degree angle toward the ceiling. "I have your attention, I see, " the perky, pretty brunette teased. She lay back down on the bed to run her hand over the object of attention, squeezing it, stroking it, getting the aroused man nearly to the point of no return. Smiling impishly, she moved her head down to where she could easily entertain him with her lips and tongue. Carter moaned with rapture.

"Your turn to get me going, " she breathed into his mouth, kissing him passionately, excitedly. Carter obliged. Kissing, licking, teasing her, he made gentle circles with his tongue causing her already undulating stomach to tense up in anticipation of the climactic moment that was cascading down onto her. His well placed tongue was driving her into an ecstatic frenzy, her hands grabbing the bed sheets, yanking them from their mooring, screaming from the powerful contractions that were wracking her body. Twenty minutes later, Tracy was a satisfied woman.

He smiled at the memory. It had been more than 30 years since he'd rolled around with Tracy Parker but the tactile memory still existed with the emotional. She'd been a lovely partner: beautiful, exciting and oversexed. Unfortunately, she had a wandering eye that led her to other partners, other exquisite times. When she had been killed by an angry lover, Carter had grieved, still did to an extent after all this time. Despite the painful memory of her lying in the casket, her beautiful brown eyes permanently closed, Carter wouldn't trade one moment of the times they'd been together for anything. He was twenty-five when she died.

Carter lifted his beer glass to finish the brew. "Want another?" the pretty bartender asked him.

"Yeah only make it a big one, this time." She pulled a large beer mug out of the cooler and began filling it.

"You seem a little down. Want to talk about it?" she asked, setting the frosty mug in front of him. "God knows, I'm not busy and probably won't get that way, either. I hate weather like this, " she motioned toward the window at the blowing snow. Carter looked at the statuesque woman standing in front of him then nodded.

"I'd like that, Patty. It's been a tough week and today is the anniversary of an even tougher day."

"What happened?"

"My old girl friend was buried today, thirty years ago. She was found in her bed stabbed to death."

"Oh my God! Did they catch whoever did it?"

He shook his head. "They think she'd gotten picked up by someone, that wasn't unusual for Tracy, and things went bad." He looked up at Patty, a woman he'd gotten to know fairly well over the last few years. "I loved her, Patty. Of course, this was back before I had the knowledge I do now. Still, she was special."

"What knowledge do you have now that you didn't then? I mean, was she whorin' around and you didn't know it?"

Carter looked hard at Patty, bothered by the term 'whorin'.

"I'm sorry, that wasn't very nice and I certainly didn't know her."

"It's okay. No, I knew she was sleepin' with other guys but we were special. I was gonna ask her to marry me. If I'd have asked her, she would have stopped, " he stared at the bar. "I was screwin' around on her, too, so don't think I was being cheated on, that it was just her. We had an agreement and it worked. I just never saw what happened happening -- she was too damn pretty. She was special. BUT, I found out after the fact that she pissed off a lot of people."

"This sounds like an interesting story and, since there's no one else in here, I'm all ears, " she smiled, walking around the bar to sit on a stool. "Do you have any idea of who did it?"

"God, Patty, she knew so many guys that, no, I can't even venture a guess. She liked Sex a lot. We spent a lot of time in bed -- or wherever it was convenient, " he laughed. "I still miss her. Now I'm too damn old to attract anyone. " "What do you mean? What are you, 45 or so?" Carter grinned.

"I'd like to take you home with me. I'm 55, Patty, but thank you."

"You don't look like you're 55, not that 55 is near death. You look younger. It's obvious the Sex must have been great but is that the only thing you remember her for?"

"No! Tracy and I had a lot of good times just being together without Sex. She was smart, very pretty and you never really knew what she was going to do next. The sex was great but there was so much more to her and, you know, I think that's what no one else got: the real Tracy. I believe that she kept the real Tracy for me. Anyway, I still miss her. We had a lot of good times together."

"So, what happened? It sounds like you two had something. By the way, I don't give too many people the chance to unload on me. Of course, you're a good guy and there's no one else here but, I'd like to hear if you want to tell me." She reached behind the bar and produced a pack of cigarettes. "I'm going to smoke, if you don't mind. If you won't tell that I was smokin' in here, no one but you and I will know, " she said, lighting up.

He sighed, heavily. "We did have something special and it all started by accident. I was a harrier, a trackman, and she was a cheerleader. I'm sure you know that track teams don't have cheerleaders; we just met one afternoon while she was waiting for her boyfriend, " a distant look took over his face. "They'd had an argument and she was still worked up over it. I was going into the locker room after practice. The football team was finishing practice for the day, it was their spring practice. She asked if I knew Kerry Stockton, if I would tell him that she was waiting for him, to tell him to hurry up. I told her, sure, everyone knew Kerry Stockton. He was Northern Iowa's All-American middle linebacker -- "

"Excuse me. Are you going into the locker-room? Would you tell Kerry Stockton that Tracy is waiting for him outside? You do know who he is, don't you?"

Nodding his head, Carter looked at the very pretty young woman confronting him. Dressed in a short red, pleated skirt, white blouse and saddle shoes, she was a vision to behold. Her brow was wrinkled and the brown eyes that glared at him were piercing. "Yeah, I know who he is. I can't say that I'll see him but if I do, I'll tell him." Her eyes softened a bit.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come across like a bitch. I just need to see him because I'm angry. Will you please tell him Tracy's outside the locker-room? If you could find him, I'd owe you."

"What would you owe me?"

Laughing, "We could have a beer sometime, I suppose." Carter realized that she was flirting with him and the idea of having a beer with her was inviting.

"With an offer like that how could I refuse? I'll check it out. What's your last name, Tracy?"

Raising an eyebrow, she smiled with a glint in her eye. "You're direct and I like that. It's Parker, Tracy Parker. What's your name since we're getting personal?"

"I'm Carter Philips, a guy with two last names, " he smiled back at Tracy. "I'll go see if I can find him." He turned and headed into the locker room. Tracy Parker, he thought. She's good lookin'.

The locker-room was its usual after practice chaos: football guys loud and rowdy, exchanging barbs with each other, the track team loud and rowdy, teasing the larger football players about who had the harder practices. Of course each team thought they had the toughest practices which led to good natured kidding all of which meant that the locker-room was an extremely noisy environment, young voices proclaiming, loudly, that they had done the most difficult practice ever devised. Grinning, Carter headed toward the football side of the room.

He looked around for Kerry Stockton, aka future NFL star. He shouldn't be too hard to find, Carter hoped. Kerry Stockton was a big, strong young man with arms like tree branches, handsome and supremely confident. It was the supremely confident feature that directed Carter toward the deep but loud voice identifying Stockton, the center of attention for four or six other footballers. Carter had a passing acquaintance with him: Hey, how's it goin'? but that was enough. "Kerry? You got a minute?" He looked at Carter then smiled.

"How's it goin, Carter? What brings you to the man's side of the locker-room?" Carter was not a small man in his own right. Taller than Stockton at 6'3, his own physique was very muscular thanks to the weight lifting required to be a sprinter. Broad shoulders with arms that were formidable, he could easily be mistaken for a football player. He took no offense at the comment. No excess weight on him at all thanks to all of the running, he couldn't be distinguished as a harrier other than the shorts and shoes which were definitely not the armor used on the gridiron. "You look like a guy on a mission."

"I am, sort of. There's a very good looking young woman outside who says she needs to talk to you, says she's your girlfriend."

"She said that, did she?" Immediately Carter understood why Tracy was angry. She wasn't being given her due, instead she was playing arm candy and bedmate for a guy that had no intention of being someone's 'boyfriend.' "You want to tell her I'll be right out?"

Ordinarily Carter would have told Kerry to tell her himself but he actually wanted to follow up on the potential drink, especially since he saw firsthand the discord between the two. He wasn't opposed to taking advantage of an opportunity.

Tracy was pacing impatiently when he walked out. "Did you find him?"

"I did and he told me to tell you that he'd be right out, " then Carter made a decision to go for the girl. "If he doesn't come out, I'd like to take you for that beer. If he does, how about beer tomorrow after class?"

Her stern face suddenly softened. Turning her head slightly to view him from an angle, she presented him a look that he couldn't determine; was it annoyance or was it intrigue? "How close to 'being out' is he?" She touched her tongue to her top lip looking at him.

"I think it will be more than just a moment. He still has most of his uniform on so it could be twenty, thirty minutes. Wanna go for that beer? It'll take me five minutes to change. I need to shower but I won't leave a lady waiting with nothing to do. Yeah, I got very sweaty but I don't stink. What do you say?"

She guffawed. "You're workin' hard which is something he doesn't do anymore, maybe never did. You could say that I gave it away pretty easily. Why don't we drive downtown and hit a bar there. That way he doesn't find us together, doesn't get you in trouble. He'll be pissed that I'm not here but it's his loss." She walked up close to Carter sniffing. "You're right, you don't stink. See you at the Panther's Lair." Smiling brightly, she turned and, walking away, "Don't you stand me up, " Tracy called over her shoulder.

"Not a chance, " he laughed to himself, "Not a chance."

The Panther's Lair was a hole in the wall establishment that had been around for a long time. Located in downtown Cedar Falls several doors from the theatre, it was a dark bar that catered to an older crowd with the occasional student gracing its quiet interior. The Rolling Stones, Beatles or other rock bands weren't to be found on the juke box but most patrons didn't listen to the music. They were more interested in consuming alcohol or finding out who was on the make and available for the evening, usually both. Carter entered the tavern stopping just inside the door to allow his eyes to adjust to the darkness. As he looked around, the door opened behind him, Tracy tapping his shoulder.

"You got here awfully quick. I stopped at my house to put on jeans but thought I'd still beat you. I'm glad you're here." Then she reached up pulling his head down, kissing him very firmly on the lips. "Don't get the wrong idea. I won't give it up until the second date, " she told him, teasingly, eye brow raised. "I should ask, is this a date? I hope so because I have my rules. I won't sleep with a guy until the second date if I like him." She took his hand leading him into the Panther's Lair.

They walked through the bar toward the back, past wood booths that had to be from the 30's or 40's. It was a comfortable bar with graffiti written on or carved into the seat backs helping to provide the feeling that this was a casual place where friends could gather and enjoy themselves. Not yet seated, Carter was already enjoying himself anticipating future pleasure with Tracy Parker. They slid into a booth sporting numerous sayings, names, phone numbers and crude innuendoes. "This is my booth, " she said, pointing toward an insignia of sorts. The letters 'TP 38D' encased by a heart was dug into the wood seatback and highlighted with ball point pen.

"What does that mean?" he asked her. "It certainly isn't the year you were born."

"No and it's not my bra size, either although I wouldn't complain. It's my initials and my room number from last year. I lived in Ryder Hall, lower level, D wing. I claimed this booth for me and I always sit here."

"What do you do if it's occupied when you get here?"

"I just sit at the bar until it opens up but it's rare for anyone to be in it since it's so far back. Not a lot of people come in here anymore." Leaning forward, "I was at the bar for about three hours one night. All of these guys began talking to me, buying me beer; it was fun. I had my cheerleading uniform on and it kinda turned the guys on. Didn't spend a cent that night, " she looked pleased. "Wearing cheerleader uniforms can open a lot of doors, get men to do things that they probably wouldn't otherwise. I like being a cheerleader just for that reason. I do meet a lot of guys. Do you like cheerleaders?" she asked, coyly.

The bartender came to the booth. "You're lookin' real good, Tracy. Want the usual?" She nodded. "What can I get you?" Carter was asked but without the same warmth that had been exhibited toward Tracy.

"What's on tap? If you have it, I'd like a Bud or Michelob."

"Michelob is what's on tap, " he turned and headed back to get their drinks.

"Yes, I do like cheerleaders but I don't have much experience with them. As I said before, track teams don't have cheerleaders at meets. Are you going to educate me about them?" he gave her a wry grin. "You're obviously in here a great deal. I mean, you have a booth with your name on it, literally, the bartender knows you and you have a 'usual'. I should ask what that is, " he said looking Tracy over very carefully. She watched him run his eyes over her.

"I've been coming in here since Iowa changed its beer law to 19 but, " she shrugged, "I think I could've come in here even if I hadn't been legal age. I was doing it at home. My usual is Michelob, same as what you're getting."

"You're obviously not concerned about Kerry finding out about us, gettin' pissed off. I should warn you, he got violent with a guy a year ago who put the moves on me. Of course, I hadn't encouraged that guy but, still, Kerry wouldn't be someone that I'd want to mess with. He's strong, " she said, her face showing torment. She was still annoyed at her boyfriend.

"No, I'd rather not have to fight him but I'm not a weakling. I'm a sprinter and we have to lift weights to build up our upper bodies. Upper bodies are important to any runner but sprinters pretty much have to pull all through the race so we need to be strong."

"I've notice your arms. They're almost as big as Kerry's. I like muscle so that's something in your favor." Their beer arrived and she looked at the bartender. "Jerry, will you keep them coming? Carter and I have to do a lot of talking so we'll be thirsty, " she smiled sweetly at the older gentleman.

"Sure thing, Tracy, "

"He's a nice guy so I try to be very nice to him." Then she leaned across the table. "Since we're drinking tap beer, he'll probably forget to charge us for some -- on purpose, " she smiled supremely. "There are lots of ways that being a cheerleader or just a pretty girl works to my advantage. You do think I'm pretty don't you?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Thank you. But, yes, I noticed your body when we were out by the stadium and since we've been in here. It's a good one that I'm going to like to hug." Carter's face lit up.

"Well, I didn't come to have a drink with you just because you helped me out! I mean, women use men for lots of reasons but I'm not using you. I think you can tell that I'm really unhappy with Kerry. He's kind of become a jerk and I'm tired of it, " she shrugged. "We'll have to test drive each other to see if this is what we want. So far, " she grinned, "it's off to a good start."

"I'm flattered that you're test driving me. Of course, this is just town driving so we'll have to take a long, country drive wouldn't you say, you know for a few hours?" She laughed very hard.

"You're persistent and good, I'll give you that. YES, we'll have to take a country drive if the town thing works out. Sound good to you?" Tracy gave him a very big smile --

By Stephen Petty - I have always enjoyed literature and was told I should try writing (40 years ago) by a college professor. I waited until I was 54 before I did and now wish I'd started sooner. My favorites are Steinbeck, U...  

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