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Coming Down on Your Casual Sex Partners

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For a man, receiving oral Sex is so pleasurable that some men prefer it to actual intercourse. In fact, oral Sex is hailed as the top favorite amongst casual sex partners. A woman's mouth and tongue allow her to pleasure her partner with pressure and precision that is rare during intercourse. As with a woman, oral sex remains the quickest way to excite or resuscitate a man's desire when his heart is willing but his body is not quite ready.

Perhaps the best way to think of oral sex is as a hand job with the addition of the mouth's licking and sucking. In other words, while a woman's mouth is ideal for stimulating the head of a mans' penis, her hands are often best suited for stimulating his shaft and his testicles. The combination of sucking and licking with stroking and fondling can certainly be exquisitely pleasurable. Read on for a step by step guide to driving your casual sex partners wild tonight!!

1. START SMALL. Perhaps the quickest way to get a man erect is taking him in your mouth. You can certainly take him when he's yet small, and not hard. It's an excellent way to raise his sexual energy if he is slow to get aroused or in later stages of lovemaking. If you're one of those women who is hesitant about a hard penis, this is a great way to start since it's friendlier and less intimidating.

2. NO BLOWING PLEASE. Most women know, of course, that there's no blowing in blow job...but just in case, we're putting it out there for everybody to read. The job to be done almost exclusively involves licking and sucking, alternating between those two is generally a good idea.

3. LICKING. A woman should explore her partner's genitals from stem to stern and find his hot spots. Usually, the frenulum, or underside of the head, is the most sensitive part for licking. Don't forget to do his testicles and hit his G-Spot (it should be between his testicles and the base of his penis).

4. SUCKING. As with licking, the most sensitive spot for sucking, is the head of the penis. Sucking can also involve a deeper enveloping of a man's penis with your mouth. This deeper method feels good along the shaft of the penis and the pressure of the back of the mouth feels very good as well. As you become more experienced, you'll be able to take him deeper into your mouth and maybe into your throat. Accomplishing this takes practice and it's always best if you're the one to control the rhythm and depth of penetration.

5. DEALING WITH THE GAG REFLEX. Many women complain about gagging when they take their partners in their mouth. Remember when the man is lying on his back, you have the most control. We also recommend that your hands are always on his penis and so, in this way, you are always on the driver's seat as far as the depth of his penetration. Some men like to be on top and thrust their penis into a woman's mouth... this requires a lot of communication in order to work out and he doesn't enter too deeply.

6. LIPS AND TEETH. While an occasional nip or teasing bite on the head of the penis can be highly arousing, lips are generally more conducive to oral sex than teeth, especially for sucking and stroking his penis with your mouth.

7. TO SWALLOW OR NOT TO SWALLOW. Just as the taste and smell of a woman's vaginal fluids change with her cycle and her diet, so too does the taste of a man's semen. For some women though, it's not only a matter of taste, but of aesthetics and intimacy as well. Therefore, most women have had to come to their own decision about whether they want to swallow their partner's semen. Some then will swallow one partner's and not another's...and even with the same partner, not at all times. As a man learns to separate orgasm from ejaculation, this may no longer be a necessary question

Now you know the basics.... Go out there, get laid tonight and make somebody's day!

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