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Aids Reduce Risk Infecting Sex Partners

Sexual aids for Protection against the Risks of Unprotected Sex

Now days the risk of STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and unnecessary pregnancies are increasing day by day. But in order to reduce this entire one should indulge in safe Sex by using different sexual aids available in the market.

It is true that any type of sexual aid is not 100% effective but at the same time it is far much better than not using any protection. The methods that are available though are not full proof but still they seriously reduce the risks of contracting the disease or unnecessary pregnancy.

So if an individual is engaging himself in any type of sexual activity it is much better to make use of any type of protection. There are many types of options available which include monogamy and abstinence along with condoms for both the male and female along with oral contraceptives.
The safest and best method of avoiding both the unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is Abstinence. It is considered to be 100% effective method. Though this method is the only full proof method available but it not accepted as the popular one. If person is not willing to adopt the method of abstinence then the other best option available is of engaging oneself in the activities of Sex with only one person in a relationship which is monogamous in nature. This method says that sexual activities should take place only between a person and his partner and with no one else in this world. Though this method is not effective in case of birth control but still it reduces the risk of getting infected by sexually transmitted diseases. In this you will not have the risk of getting infected because both of the partners are committed to each other and are free from diseases. Both the methods are very much effective for having safe Sex. The only difference between them is abstinence protects against diseases as well as unwanted pregnancies whereas monogamy just provide protection against getting infected by the diseases.

The other method that is widely used and accepted is the usage of condoms. This method provides protection against both in preventing sexual aids and also the unwanted pregnancies. The proper use of condoms have proved out to be almost 97%-98% effective. Condoms are available for both men and women. The male condoms are very popular and are cheaper along with ease of availability in the grocery stores, drug stores and even vending machines.

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