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How do I Stop Getting Attached to my Online Dating Matches Too Fast?

Well you have had your first date and it went amazing, and then another date followed in the same week, now you feel you are falling but don't have the feeling she is falling for you. Now you are probably starting to discover that it is important to "pace" yourself so that your attachment to others develops over a period of time.

Here is a relationship myth to avoid as it can lead you to become attached too quickly. With the Dating myth below, we've offered a corresponding myth and reality regarding love and relationships that's important to keep in mind while you are Dating.

Dating Myth #1: You are immediately believing that this person can and will give you the forever feeling of living together like the old saying happily ever after. It is important to not become attached too fast just because you have the initial feeling that the person is right for you. Often times we like to assume that somehow the problems we have experienced in our past relationships won't come back to haunt us in the new relationship. Remember that there is no perfect person out there.

Relationship Truth #1: A long term loving relationship is accomplished by two people that work hard together to overcome the obstacles of life and love as there is no magic solution to long term happiness. So instead of searching for a nonexistent magical relationship you should try to meet different people and work on getting to know them really well. By looking for someone that matches your compatibility will increase your chances of success and that takes time; you won't find all that out on a first date, no matter how perfect you feel it went. We suggest you join several online Dating sites since they offer you the opportunity to review your matches free. The larger well branded dating sites have huge databases of local singles. Good Luck and Happy Online Dating!

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