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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Will 'Turn It Up' In Video

Kim Kardashian is now a singer. No, seriously. The curvy celebrity debuted her first single, "Turn It Up" at New Year's Eve celebration at TAO in Las Vegas. The sexy reality TV star might provide the vocals, but she can't take credit for writing the song. The single, "Turn It Up" was written by songwriter "The Dream." Of course, Kardashian recording her own single was, well, not on purpose.

Kim Kardashian "accidently" records song

"Hi you guys, I didn't mean to, but I did this song with The Dream, and it's really fun, " she said. "I hope you guys like it!"

That is how the new singer introduced her debut single to club-goers at the TAO in Las Vegas. I hope her New Year's Resolution was to work on her lying. I have nothing but love for the woman, but how do you accidently come out with a song? Of course the woman is sexy, and she is as big as of a hit on the internet as a person can be, so the song is sure to be a hit no matter what she says or how she sounds. C'mon, would she really be the first so-called vocal artist to get by more on her looks and name than singing talents?

Another Kim Kardashian video on the way

Unlike the supposed fake Kim Kardashian Sex tape that went viral on the net this past year, the new video of Kim will be real. In her music video for her new single, "Turn It Up" Kardashian will be getting a little bit of star power help from none other than Kanye West. Kanye will at the very least make a cameo as Kardashian's co-star in her first music video, and I don't think anybody would be surprised if he drops a few lines in there for her while he's at it.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Turn It Up,

The biggest gossip to come of Kardashian hitting the pop scene will have nothing to do with her singing voice. Her skills as a singer, or more than likely lack of skills, are sure to be much debated. Although, the news of Kardashian turning her focus to creating a career as a singer is sure to heat up on the web, the public will have a more important subject to address. Is Kanye West Kardashian's new boy toy? Kardashian has been denying rumors of a relationship between her and West for some time now. If she wanted to keep the rumors from spreading like wildfire, then having Kanye hype her up and make a cameo in her first video was probably not the hottest idea. She has vowed that 2011 is her year to be single. Maybe she wasn't talking about her Dating life. Maybe she was just talking about dropping her debut single on the music scene. Either way, the media will take, "Turn It Up" to heart when talking about the rumor mill of her love life.

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