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Adult Dating Pointers You Must Know

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Since Adult Dating has a lot of potential for disastrous situations, they should be calling it "playing in a minefield." To help you get through it unscathed, here are adult dating pointers to serve as a guide when going out.

Rule number one: Chemistry outranks everything else. Even if he chattered on too much about his Prius or had a piece of meat stuck between his teeth, if his kiss blew you away, he deserves a second date.

Conversely, it doesn't matter if he's the hottest, wealthiest, and funniest Ryan Goslingest man ever, if liplocking with him gives you the Willies, cut your losses and run for the hills.

When you finally meet up with a guy you connected with at an online adult dating website in a caf, it's alright to tell your friends you "met at a caf." It's not even considered a liewell, sort of.

It's okay to be superficial. If he meets up with you wearing a fanny pack or in jeans showing his butt crack, pretend you have an emergency and split. Hint: Tell him it's a girl thing and he won't ask anymore questions.

Every time a Buddy sets you up for a date, always remember to ask her what she thinks are the things you have in common with the potential partner, besides the fact that you are both single.

FYI: If he spends even a short time during your date to respond to work emails on his smart phone, it is very likely he wouldn't be the most attentive boyfriend.

On the other hand, if you spend even a short time during your date to respond to your work emails, don't expect to receive an invitation to go out on a second date.

Be wary of the sly guy that asks questions so he can answer. Sly guy: So, what are the most awesome places you have been to? You: Oh, probably the Baham. Sly guy: The best I've been to so far are Paris, Africa, Milan, London...

There are a lot of people in between jobs right now, but a guy who blames The Man as his reason for being unemployed is most likely retarded.

If you can't recall anything clever he said or don't find him even remotely interesting and you weren't having drinks, you're probably not that into him.

He probably is just being polite, but whenever a guy offers you a breath mint, always take them, just in case.

Going out on dates are supposed to be fun, so when you're out in the middle of one and you start daydreaming about watching Friends reruns at home, give yourself a break.

Don't stress yourself out and think too much about that first kiss moment. Just smile, say your goodbyes and affectionately squeeze his hand, letting your fingers linger. This is his cue to make a move. If he doesn't, you can make your exit with zero awkwardness.

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