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Alcohol And Sex Risks - Does It Affect Your Sexual Ability?

Nature has gifted us a highly pleasing act that certainly takes us to the heights of intense pleasure, so much pleasure that no other act in the world can equal it. To take full advantage of this costless gift, we have to perform it with a fresh mind, away from all the distractions. Since it includes some potential health hazards due to various reasons, we have to engage in it when our conscious level remains within normal limits. While we consume alcohol, our conscious drops to lower levels depending on how much we consume. Engaging in any sexual act while we are under the influence of alcohol, can leads us to many potential health risks. Here, alcohol and Sex risks are something that needs our serious attention.

Alcohol gives way to many Sex risks. What we normally avoid or what precautions we normally take during the intimate relations, cannot be done when we remain under the influence of alcohol. While under the influence of alcohol, most of the people engage in messy and nasty type of Sex, which otherwise would have been done very soberly and safely.

Alcohol and sex risks go very well together. You are certainly subjecting yourself and your partner to great risks if you perform the act while you are drunk. Drinking moderately before engaging in any sexual act may not subject you to any risks provided your conscious level remains normal.

Alcohol and sex risks go very much hand to hand. If you keep noticing, you can find many incidents when people got engaged in sexual activities in a drunken condition that brought them a feeling of guilt later on, or caused them to pay heavily. You can find many people heavily regretting later on. Many cases are reported when people contracted sexually transmitted diseases after having the activity without protection. They would not have done so with a rational mind.

Alcohol prevents you from making rational judgments. If you are going to have sex with someone new, or even if being engaged in that act with the regular partner but trying some new kind of Sex, or you are in a situation that requires a rational or calculated approach, if you are drunk, you are sure to commit mistakes that could create many troubles for you.

While drunk, many people feel greatly relaxed and aroused. This could lead them to alcohol dependency since otherwise they may not be able to perform well in bed. They will not be able to realize that they can do well in bed without alcohol as well.

Alcohol and sex risks can also be noticed when you fail to enjoy the act fully. Done with a full conscious mind, this act offers all the pleasure in the world, which cannot be experienced while you are under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, as a long-term side effect, you may even lose interest in sex at all.

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