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Pitfalls Of Online Dating

Online Dating has grown tremendously over the past few years. The primary growth driver for this mad rush for Dating sites is increasing comfort of people, especially young singles with the Internet. Online daters are hooked to Internet on account of the convenience it offers and economical benefits associated with it. However despite all its benefits, online dating has number of flaws and if ignored can land users in big trouble.

One of the biggest flaws of online dating sites is: they leave inactive profiles for long periods of time apparently to boost their membership numbers and make themselves seem extremely popular. Quite often users end up browsing a lot of the profiles of people who haven't logged onto the site in months. You might send one of these people a message and think they're ignoring you, when in reality they haven't checked their messages in a year!

Number of times many people use deceptive pictures and profiles when joining a dating site. While this may lead to greater response from other site users, it ultimately leads to humiliation, embarrassment and rejection when they go on a date and it is found they weren't who they claimed to be.

Another problem with dating sites is the prevalence of online predators. There are a lot of sexual predators on the Internet and they find ready market in online dating since the users are susceptible to their predatory advances. These days it's indeed difficult to identify straight people from predators on Internet as predators are the masters of guise and can dupe unsuspecting daters.

The use of credit cards on online dating sites presents another challenging problem. Many online dating sites offer a free trial for a limited period of time and later charge subscription fee for continued services. The payment of fee is generally through credit card and there is a likelihood of misuse of credit card as certain sights might overcharge users and if adequate security measures are not in place, sensitive personal information might go to nasty groups.

Communication with people through IM, email or even through phone will not always give best idea about personality traits of opposite number. It would require end amount of effort to know more about other person over Internet. Hours on end need to be spent on chatting, number of emails need to be exchanged and good number of phone calls would be needed to get to high level of comfortabilty. While in face to face interaction it's not very difficult to judge a person early enough and gauge his suitability for relationship.

One of the major discouragements for people to go in for online dating is the presence of people who have no intention of taking the relationship forward but they are active on dating sites for the heck of it. At times people carry on for few days or even months pursuing opposite Sex only to end it abruptly at one point. This results in a lot of mistrust in online channel.

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