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How To Enjoy Love During Dating

Dating is the period when two people in a relationship express their desire to share love in their lifetime. It is period that is very significant to both parties. It is also a period that has great restrictions due to the risks involved in making decisions that are not well thought out. These restrictions bring about a state of tension and as a result blur the sweeter part of the Dating process.

To show and enjoy love during Dating amidst the numerous risks and restrictions, the following tips comes in handy.

  • Determine your boundaries: Lack of clear boundaries as to what the lovers can do during dating breeds regrets and ends love prematurely. Boundaries should be set as regards how much time can be spent together, what to do when together, the process to follow in case of disagreements. As dating grows old, more important boundaries are set for instance future family size among others.
  • Determine the objective of your dating: Many people start dating without a clear objective as to what they want out of the dating process. Those inclined to some religious beliefs will perhaps want to date someone they want to eventually marry. Others may date just to pass time or to enjoy dating a good guy or a beautiful lady. These mindsets give dating its tone and forms the basis for future progress.
  • Determine the exercises in dating: Dating objectives should point the direction expression of love takes. Objectives that touch on future life for instance may want to include in its process activities that make the lovers know each other in different settings. For instance, its important to determine how one reacts or enjoys some situations. In so doing, activities could include outing, dinner together, or outdoor games. Those whose objectives are short term may want to consider activities that derive most of out of the present with emphasis being to bring joy and pleasure.
  • Determine what the put offs are: A very direct process in showing and enjoying love during dating is to understand what put offs are. There are things that when done during dating would put off the other person off and hinder their expression of love. For instance, during dating there are those that will be directly put off by the suggestion of having Sex before a certain period, there those that will be put off by constant phone calls from people they are not told who they are, there are others who would not stand untidiness. Key here is know what are those things that trigger the other to be put off and hence hate to be Dating.

These steps address those factors that trigger the onset of stress and lack of joy during Dating. Love during dating is delicate and fragile. More than that, its ambiguous to the new lovers as they do not know what to do and what not do. More over, the backgrounds of each party determines how they enjoy love if at all they will.

But of importance is to know what dating process should be during this time when love is sweetest. In most cases, those who end up marrying never get to experience the love that they had during the dating period. On the same token, love during dating has caused untold misery and suffering. Decisions made during dating have become scars in many lives and that obscures the joy and the importance of dating. By following the above outlined steps, you will surely prevent disaster before it occurs and hence experience great love during your dating time.

By John N Ngugi -

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