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Moms: Why It Is Important To Talk To Your Son About Girls And Dating

As a parent, having an uncomfortable conversation with my child is not something I look forward to, but realize that it is part of being a parent and telling my kids that I love them no matter what including during a conversation that they may not want to hear. I probably can relate better to my son than to my daughter, but sometimes there are things my daughter must know about as she grows up. I would imagine that the same is true as my wife tries to talk to my son.

As with any situation, you need to let your son know the importance of honesty. You need to be honest with him about what girls may think and he needs to be equally honest about how he feels about girls. Let your son know that it's ok to just be honest and there's no penalty for honesty. That way you get the whole truth from your son.

Next you have to impart upon him the seriousness of the conversation. Start with, "I love you, and there are some important things I want to discuss with you..." and then continue on about your topic. Be careful about sounding like you are talking down to him as it is important that he knows you are talking to him as an equal regarding adult situations.

Listen and respond accordingly. Some things your son will say may surprise you, but it is important that he knows you are listening and that you care about his feelings and his attitudes. Once you listen you can eventually come to a place of understanding with your son about his thoughts and feelings.

When you talk to your son about girls and Dating, let him know Dating is not only about having fun but also about trust and respecting each other. Your son needs to respect the person he's Dating and vice versa. You also need to be frankly honest with him and tell him that no means no. He or his partner doesn't have to do anything in their dating relationship that they don't want to do.

The final thing to remember is that you want to make sure your son understands that he is talking to his mother as an equal in the conversation and not as a subordinate. Dating and girls is an adult conversation and as such you should treat your son as adult. This will go a long way in your son responding to you regarding his and your feelings about dating and girls.


By William Browning - Welcome! My name is William Browning. I am an accomplished writer, in love with my beautiful wife and am blessed with two precious children who teach me something new every day.  

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