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MySpace Sex Forums Provide Dorks Of The World Insight Into Online Dating

Sociologists rejoice! There is, in fact an easy way to track online dating patterns and attitudes toward Sex among the younger generation. MySpace forums, a typical forum site in many respects is posting content from users on such diverse topics as favorite lingerie, vasectomy and pregnancy questions, to advice on how best to seduce women (or men) online. Although MySpace won't outright call the forum a Sex forum, the overall use of the site does lean heavily into sexuality. With 14, 734 total topics as of 12/28/2007, you can find practically any advice you wish.

Using this information to meet women online who will hook up offline is only the start for dorks of the world, but it is a start. If chronic virginity is a problem, than education is the solution. Here are some rules to live by:

1. Take all the advice you read with a grain of salt. Not every woman wants you, and nothing's ever going to change that, particularly if you've made a poor first impression. Remember, sex is home base, not first, and you'll likely have to go all nine innings without so much as a hit if you're meeting this person online. It's safer that way, anyway, so don't worry about it.

2. Make the sex forums your best friend. You'll learn that there are many, many types of people in this world, and each of them approaches sex differently. You will NOT find on MySpace any porn stars who will go out with you, and neither will you find the twin nymphomaniac Japanese schoolgirls. They're not real, so get over it.

3. If you do get a date with someone you meet online, respect, respect, and respect! If they don't want that respect, than they'll tell you before you meet. People who are into sex in a big way and who are attractive and fun to be with are educated about their bodies; they protect them, and will not tolerate you treating them disrespectfully. Having fun is ok, but let them lead you if you aren't experienced. If they have a problem with that, than you wouldn't want to be with them anyway.

Meeting people online is far different from Dating people in the real world. If you are safe and educated about it, though, you'll find that Sex, Dating, and life will come a whole lot easier than asking Rachaelsexymama24300 for her phone number. It'll probably be a lot more successful, as well.

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