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Dangers Of Religious Dating Sites

Online Dating has had a huge surge in the past several years and there is no secret as to why. It is a direct, efficient way to meet someone that has similar interests and personality traits. And it can be done by using a quick profile search. So it is only logical that people would want to meet based on their own religion, thus the advent of religious Dating sites. But there are a few things to watch out for when approaching such a site.The major issue is the scumbags that flock to these sites for all the wrong reasons. Many people will end up there looking for Sex from girls that have less STD's, working under the assumption that these sites host tons of "good girls" that have not slept around.Even has a host of security tips, ranging from watching for inconsistencies in behavior to not revealing personal information too fast; they even recommend watching for aggression or controlling behavior. So, just because you are on a religious dating site doesn't mean you are going to be immune to potential scumbags. Not everyone on a Christian dating site is trying to be Jesus.Also, and I have made this mistake, do not assume that because you are on a religious dating site you will find the perfect person for you who is brimming with moral behavior. Religious people have their hang-ups too and I met plenty of controlling jerks on some of these sites.Also, the inherent problem for many people is meeting someone based on a religion. As life goes on, religious views can shift, adapt and grow to meet the needs of the individual and adjust to new information. I myself have fallen under seven separate religious views throughout my lifetime, sometimes more than one at a time. I'm definitely spiritually eclectic.The problem then arises when you meet someone and form the relationship off a religious context. You tend to find fundamentalist Christians on Christian sites, so if you discover a new viewpoint, the relationship that arose from your mutual following of Jesus can lose that common ground. That person that met you under the pretext of having someone to share a large portion of their life with (their faith) has now lost that. That may not have been part of the bargain for them.In the end, I found someone off of a generic site. We built our relationship on mutual personality consistencies and similar interests, religion aside, so whatever I believe this week doesn't impact things.It's easy to look at this article and say, "But I'll be a Christian forever, this doesn't apply to me." That is what I said at one point, but not everyone is like me. If you are secure in your faith, you may want to go for it. But watch your back anywhere you go and if you have any doubts about your faith, you may want to question starting a relationship based on a religion.By Michelle L. - Most people bleed blood. I bleed words. I am an enthusiastic writer with a passion for all things English language. I have a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Mary College in English/Professional Writing, h...  

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