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Technology And Sex Life

The innovative usage of technology to enhance womens sexuality. Since time immemorial men and women have searched for and found techniques and tools to spice up their Sex lives. Since time immemorial men and women have searched for and found techniques and tools to spice up their Sex lives. From various oils and aphrosdisiacs to the latest vibrating dildo; men, women and organizations have created and improvised upon different tools. Individuals such as Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine have become billionaires fulfilling peoples wildest visual fantasises.

The Sex-Toy industry is today worth approximately $2 billion. This industry is widespread throughout the world. It has flourished despite opposititon from religious and social organizations. Many countries have attempted to impose legislative barriers against this industry but in these countries there exists a thriving black market for these products.

A Texas based company claims to have invented an electrical stimulation device that takes women to a pre-orgasmic state. They claim be the pioneers of this kind of device. It is a battery-powered device that electrically stimulates sexual nerve pathways in a woman's pelvis. According to various industry sources most organizations concentrate their energies on creating products that induce the orgasm or enhances it while it occurs.

However this company has developed a product that caters to the pre-orgasmic state in women. Applied 10 to 20 minutes before Sex, the device's gentle, pulsating current brings the user to a heightened state of sexual readiness, where the "slightest touch" can trigger an orgasm. The product provides a dual benefit where the number of orgasms achieved have increased. A couple of electrical pads are attached to the ankles of the wearer, it works on the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture where the hypogastric, pelvic and pudendal nerves are stimulated to achieve the pre-orgasmic state.

It is a successful combination of Chinese acupuncture, nerve theory and state of the art software and hardware technology. The device is said to produce a "very gentle tingling sensation" in the lower ankle, that leads to "butterflies" or "sparklers" in the pelvis. The product was however developed by accident when the inventor was trying to develop a foot massager for women.

The number of critics have increased with the growing popularity of the product. The theory that electric currents to the ankle could stimulate nerves leading to the pelvis has been debunked by many medical practitoners. But the growing user base of the product seem to have other ideas.

A prime player in the British Sex-Toy industry has created software that transforms a cell phone into a sex toy. This product has become a rage in the underground sex markets of South Asia. The software, launched last week, turns certain Nokia cell phones with vibrating ring capabilities into a "discrete, vibrating massager." The organization does not believe in using any advertisement for this product as they intend to popularize through word-of-mouth publicity.

The software works only with Java-enabled Nokia phones. It doesn't currently run on phones from any other manufacturer. The software serves to overcome the situation where the phone needs to ring constantly to vibrate.

The software is downloadable from the Internet and is compatible with most mobile devices in Europe. However the largest market for such a product is the United States, the company is finding it very difficult to penetrate the American market because of the lack of technology in the mobile device that is compatible with the software and the lack of a distribution partner.

Companies in the past have successfully introduced stimulation devices that can be hooked up to a stereo or MP3 player. Some users have indicated that the product would become a much more attractive proposition if the phone could be used to talk and stimulate at the same time.

As the number of innovations in the Sex-Toy industry increase one thing becomes crystal clear – there is nothing that can be invented that can substitute the sexual experience that one feels with a loving partner.

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