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Importance of Sex Education For Teenagers

The most critical stage of human life is adolescents and teenage as these stages undergoes with several hormonal changes that papers physically and mentally. Thus, imparting the Sex education among the teenagers is the most imperative need of the society. The hormonal changes lead to the physical changes that make teens curious to know about the changes. Usually, teens choose different sources such as friends, magazines, televisions and books to satiate their need to know about the changes. However, these sources are not reliable and can mislead to them in some cases. Therefore, we cannot avoid importance of Sex education for teenagers.

Importance of imparting sex education among teenagers:
1. Sex education imparted by the parents and teachers could be very useful for the teenagers to understand each hormonal and physical change properly. It prevents unwanted pregnancy in the teenager girls.
2. Moreover, sex education imparted properly prevents STD (sexually transmitted diseases). Usually, teenagers overlook the diseases and indulge in the sexual activity that resulted in a dangerous and chronic disease. Thus, provide them proper Knowledge is very vital.
3. It provide them knowledge about the contraceptive items and methods such as condoms
4. It enhances the psychological level and mental health of the teenagers by imparting proper knowledge about the sexual activity.
5. Moreover, sex education will focus on imparting the negative consequences of having intercourse without any precautions and contraceptive. These negative outcomes of the wrongly done sex make them avoid indulging into sexual activity without having proper knowledge.

How it will be imparted?

The major role in spreading the sex education is teachers and parents. These two elements play vital role in delivering sex education to the teenagers. Thus, the importance of sex education for teenagers is considered by the society and therefore several programs and campaigns are organized for imparting sex education.
1. School and home both are the best platforms to impart the sex education properly to the teenagers.
2. Parents and teachers both must be franked with the teenagers so that they can easily discuss their problems.
3. Creating the mutual understanding between the teenagers and other person who impart the sex education.

Ultimately, the importance of sex education for teenagers has been acknowledged by the societies and instigates the campaign to spread the sex education for teenagers. Whether it is school or home both places are best for learning.

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