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"It is eight thirty A.M. It is eighty thirty A.M. Today is March 15th, 2172, " the alarm clock blared."All right, all right, I'm up, " said Sam as he hit the snooze button on his out of date alarm clock. He had tried using the newer holo-clocks but they didn't wake him up so well. The woman's voice was too soothing and not annoying enough to shut up, so he went back to the alarm clock his grandfather had given him as a boy. It was boxy in shape and had the most annoying monotonous tone he had ever heard. It was most likely made in the 2110's. "Man, why in the world did I even bother setting the alarm clock so early, " he continued. "It's not as if I have anything to do today."It was ten o'clock, Sam had already eaten breakfast and he was now watching sports highlights when a call came in."Hello, " Sam said as he held the holo-phone in front of his face."Hey, Buddy, how ya doin', " said the voice on the other end of the line."Well, why if it isn't Chief Bennett himself, " Sam said teasingly."Yeah, yeah, " said the Chief taking the jab, "I have a job for ya.""What kind of job?" asked Sam."The kind that lets you take your little girlfriend out for about a month, " answered the Chief."Really, " Sam said a little intrigued."Yup.""Well, the fact that you're calling me means one of two things: either, you don't think the officers on the force can handle it, or, you're being a good friend by calling me before the bounty has been publicly posted.""Sam, I'm surprised at you. You really think I would do such a thing. I'm an honest to goodness man." The Chief couldn't help but chuckle as he said that."All right, what's the job?" Sam finally asked."Ya have to catch a robot.""A robot?""Well, specifically ya have to catch a robot that was implanted with a human brain.""Yeah Chief, there are quite a bit of those running around. You want to be more specific.""It turns out some moron implanted a criminal's brain into a robotic body. A guy be the name of Steven Claude.""How did that happen?""A kid working at the Implant Center'"forgot his name'"was talking to some dame on his holo-phone or something like that and got distracted. Next thing you know a criminal's brain gets implanted into what was supposed to be an old timer's chance at immortality. Can you believe it? Some old-timer goes in thinking he's going to live for quite a while longer, and instead, his body is still lying on some table waiting for his brain to get dropped into a new shiny metallic body because some kid was too busy talking to some dame.""Yeah, guys can get like that sometimes, " Sam said aloud, but more to himself than the Chief."All right, do you want the job or not?""I'll take it.""Good, because I was gonna give it to ya whether ya wanted it or not."Sam smiled and shook his head as he heard that."I'll send you the report right away, Sam.""I'll get on the case as soon as I have them, Chief.""All right, Sam."Sam was about to reach for the end call button when the Chief interrupted him one more time."Oh, one more thing, be careful. This guy wasn't some petty thief. He was a stone cold killer.""Thanks for telling me that at the start of our conversation, Chief, " Sam said sarcastically."Hey, just be happy I remembered. Who knows, with as old as I'm getting maybe I'll pencil myself in on one of those implant lists.""I'm sure you will Chief. I'll talk to you later.""Sure thing Buddy, later."Stone cold killer, that's just what I needed, thought Sam. I had gotten used to chasing down easy targets like car thieves, burglars and identity thieves. Sure I had to catch twice as many to make what one difficult target would fetch me, but they wouldn't get me killed. Heck, sometimes I wouldn't even get scratched running those types down. This, however, is going to take me back to when I first started chasing bounties.At that point Sam's thoughts were interrupted by his computer. "You have a new message, " the computer said aloud. It repeated the message five times before Sam reached it and hit the read button on his touch screen monitor. It was the report. Sam printed it out and saved it to his holo-phone as well. Sam always made sure to have enough copies of important documents through every medium possible.Sam then readied himself for the busy day ahead. He put on his best detective-looking clothes, grabbed his two guns and his knife, and of course the official police report. His first stop would be at "The Kid's" apartment so he could get the story right from the source.Sam couldn't believe how far he had come since graduating high school. He had served in the North American Corps of the Earthian Army for four years, and then served as a police officer for seven. After a falling out with then District Three Chief Stewart over his "sometimes-too-militarized tactics, " he decided to leave the force. It hurt him to do so because he had learned a lot from his partner whom mentored him throughout his time on the force; Mark Bennett. Thankfully, he kept in touch with now District Three Chief Bennett and he was able to still give Sam fatherly advice and a tip or two on bounties. Sam will forever be grateful to Mark Bennett.Sam pulled up to a middle class apartment complex in his vintage car. Sam couldn't believe that his car was considered vintage being that it was only 17 years old, but it was one of the last models ever built that still ran on wheels. Nonetheless, he proceeded to go to work.He knew that the address wasn't a false one because Implant Center employees were pretty well paid, and most lived in middle to upper middle class houses or apartments. Also, the kid's car that the report had logged was in the parking lot, so that ensured that Sam was in the right place.Sam got to apartment door 5-A and knocked. A rather wiry young man opened the door. "Can I help you, sir?" he asked."Yes, you can. I am looking for a Spencer Tomlin, " Sam told him as politely as he could."That would be me, sir.""Well, let me be straightforward with you, I need to ask you a few questions, " Sam said authoritatively this time as he showed Spencer his badge.Immediately Spencer saw that it was a bounty hunter badge. Since law enforcement officer impersonator cases by bounty hunters rose in the 2150's a worldwide law was passed that mandated that all bounty hunters be registered at the local, state, federal and even Earthly levels of government. For their trouble, however, bounty hunters were given a little more access to ongoing cases and information that they were unable to access before. Also, they wouldn't be hassled by many of the law enforcement agencies like in the past. This was actually supported by the law enforcement agencies because it meant that they would actually lose fewer men in the field and yet criminals would still be caught. It was a win-win situation for everyone."Wow, a bounty hunter, " said Spencer a little surprised since he saw that Sam was dressed more like a detective."I think you know why I'm here, " Sam said in a serious tone now. "Tell me exactly what happened, how it happened and I'll get out of your hair a whole lot quicker.""I already told the coppers what happened, get the story from them.""I don't want some secondhand take on things, I want the first person account, and guess what, you are that first person. So, you can tell me willingly, or I can make you tell me forcibly. Which one is it going to be?""All right, all right, no need for violence, man. I just want to be left alone already.""Well, the sooner you tell me, the sooner I leave."Spencer then held the door open as he let Sam into his apartment. He led him to his couch and then headed to the kitchen. There, he grabbed a couple of glasses from his cupboard and poured some tea. He handed one to Sam and then sat in a chair across from him. "So what do you want to know?" he asked Sam."I just want you to tell me everything that you can remember about the brain implant, and how it went wrong. Whatever you did doesn't really concern me. My job is to catch the robot, not to bring you in for any wrongdoings that you may have done. Only the cops know if they want to do anything to you about that. So go ahead, spit it out.""Well, to start off, I had only been working there for about two weeks. My cousin said it would be a piece of cake. I actually started off in the body disposal unit. You know the drill. If a deceased person's body isn't claimed by anyone, it burns."Sam nodded his head and motioned for Spencer to go on."I was doing fine when over the last few days, some of the brain implant guys stopped showing up. So, the lower level management squad thought it would be a good idea to move some of us disposal unit guys to the implant sector. '"The machines do all the work, ' they said. Yeah, except for when they break down. Then the inexperienced disposal unit guys can learn on the fly. Doctors had to be brought in and the implants had to be done the old fashioned way as the machines got fixed. That meant that brain disposal guys became nurses -- and sick."Sam then told Spencer, "Okay, I get it. It wasn't as easy as your cousin made it out to be. Just tell me what happened last night.""In short, soot hit the fan. I don't know if you know this, but for whatever reason the people getting their brains transferred to a robotic body, unclaimed bodies, and criminals killed in prison all go through the Implant Center in some way or another. To make things worse, all the bodies come in through the same entrance and that is where everything got screwed up. We were so backed up that everyone who showed up for work that day was easily overworked."Spencer took a deep breath before he continued. "We had basically finished moving all the bodies that had come in to their appropriate places when one last blasted van pulled up. They said it was a dead prisoner whose body had to be taken care of. Well, we took care of it, all right. We cut the top of his skull off and took out his brain. We were so mad that we didn't care to work anymore. So, we played football with a dead guy's brain. We then heard some voices outside and obviously put the brain away. That's when some damn nurses entered the room and left some old man's body near the doors. We were so mad at how much we worked that we didn't even bother to talk to them. As soon as they left the game was back on. That's when Andrew threw the brain to Brody and he dropped the pass. Of course, in the process, he also managed to bump into the old man's body, knock the top of his already cut skull loose and lodged the brain out of his head. Andrew and I were laughing when we heard Brody get frantic. We then asked him what was wrong. He told us that he didn't know what brain was which, and at first we didn't understand. Then Andrew and I looked at the floor and saw two brains side-by-side on the floor. We were terrified."After a little silence, Sam then asked, "What did you do next?""We started arguing about what we should do. It should have been easy to identify which brain was which, but because of the mess we made, when the old man's hit the ground, it looked as dirty as the criminal's. So, we picked the one that looked the oldest and placed inside the old man's head. Not much longer after that the nurses came back and hauled the old man's body off to get'"hopefully'"his brain implanted into a robot body. Unfortunately, that's not what happened. Instead, a criminal was brought back to life and he killed his way out of that place." Spencer sat quietly for a moment before speaking again. "Thankfully, though, we stashed the brain that ended up being the old man's away and he'll still get his wish. He'll live for as long as his metal body can last.""So you truly had no idea how bad of a criminal Steven Claude was?" Sam asked Spencer."Are you kidding me, " Spencer answered angrily. "I didn't read the damn file that came with his body. The only words I read were the ones stamped on the folder, which said: Steven Claude: Criminal. Those are the only words we need to see to know that the body's getting torched. We just messed up -- horribly.""The distraction story you told the cops then, was that completely made up?" Sam asked Spencer."Not exactly. I mean, I did talk to a girl, but that was after the wrong brain had been put into the old man's head. I figured that I would use a phone call as an excuse as to why I missed something that big. I thought management might have a little sympathy, or at least an understanding of how someone can miss an entire brain being misplaced, but I was wrong. They fired me right on the spot."Sam took the last drink of tea and placed his empty glass on Spencer's living room table and got up to his feet. "I'll be leaving now Mr. Tomlin. I do want to thank you for your cooperation.""Don't mention it, " Spencer said gloomily as he stared off into space.Sam started walking back to his car and felt sorry for Spencer and his coworkers. He knew that Spencer, Andrew, and Brody would have to live with the guilt of having helped cause the death of innocent people, a guilt that most definitely would never leave them during their time on Earth. A guilt that Sam was happy that he did not have in his life, a fortunate thing considering the kind of life he had lived.Sam entered his car, started it up and was ready to get some lunch when his holo-phone rang. He answered it and was surprised to hear the voice that he did."Hey, baby, " said the person on the other end of the line."Hey, sweetheart, " answered Sam."What are you doing right now?""I'm actually working right now, Athena, " Sam told his girlfriend."Working? I wanted to get some lunch with you while I was on my break. You said you didn't have anything to do today. Did you lie to me?" Athena said in that upset tone that teenagers and young women sometimes use."No, I didn't lie to you. The Chief gave me a call this morning and gave me a job to do.""Okay, " Athena said disappointedly. "Just hurry up and finish it, I haven't seen you in three days now.""Don't worry. After this job is done I'll have so much free time that you're going to want to get away from me.""Aw, baby, I could never get tired of you."Sam chuckled right before telling Athena, "All right, I'll see you soon.""Okay, bye. Mwah."Sam hung up and immediately started reminiscing about how he met Athena. Though Spencer's story of being distracted by a woman turned out to be bogus, that is what actually started his reminiscing.Sam was on one of his last dangerous bounties and he had been doing reconnaissance work. The target's name was Jonathan Blake, and he liked to go to the same club up to four times a week. That meant that Sam was going to have to go four times a week. All Sam was looking for was an opening to strike and catch Blake. Instead, he got struck upon.Sam always made sure to put himself in a dimly lit part of the club so that he could observe Blake without being observed himself. But, it seems that someone had been observing him anyway. It was Sam's sixth time in the club, and all the visits were due to Blake's presence in the club. About an hour and a half of being in the club by himself Sam noticed that a pretty young and attractive girl seemed to be walking towards him. She looked to be no older than 20 years of age. She eventually arrived at Sam's table and said, "Hi. Would you mind if I sit here as I wait for my friends to arrive?"Sam not wanting to draw attention and make even the smallest of scenes let the girl sit on the table."My name's Athena. What's yours?" the young girl asked.To this day Sam can't believe that he gave her his real name. "Sam, my name's Sam." he said to her.From there he spent the rest of the night half listening to what Athena was saying and watching Blake's every move. The only thing from that night that Sam remembers wholly is that Athena gave him her number before joining her friends. Seven days later - to Sam's own surprise'"he called her. That was the day after he caught Blake and collected the bounty on him. That occurred just a little over two years ago.As Sam sat in his car reminiscing about how he met Athena, his holo-phone rang. It was Chief Bennett. "Hey, Chief." Sam answered."Where are ya Sammie boy?""I'm about to leave the kid's apartment.""Did he help ya in any way?""Not really. He only told me about how the brain really got switched, but that doesn't help me with finding Claude.""Well, I can help with that. It seems that Claude still had friends on the outside, and lucky for us they all have rap sheets. I'm sending ya the files as we speak.""All right, Chief, I'll get right on it.""Sure thing, buddy, and remember, be careful.""I will, Chief, thanks."Sam hung up and stopped by a deli to get a quick lunch. He wished that he wasn't in such a hurry, but he knew that he had to work fast to get this job over and done as soon as possible. Once he was done with his lunch, Sam skimmed over the rap sheets as thoroughly as he could. After a few minutes he was on his way to the south side of town. There, he would meet up with one of Claude's associates, Johnny Swing, or maybe even Claude himself.Sam had made his way onto Warehouse Row, so called because it was where all the warehouses of all types of businesses were located. They were neatly arranged in rows and located on the edge of town. They were put on the edge of town so that they wouldn't disturb the scenery of the city, but that allowed not so friendly people to run around without much vigilance. That meant that law abiding citizens would have to be weary of the patrons in the warehouse next door and be careful to not get mixed up in any of their dealings.Sam turned onto 201st Street and passed by what looked to be a paper warehouse. Treeless Print, the building said on its faade, "We only distribute recycled paper" the slogan on the bottom read. From its exterior one would think that nothing more but stacks of paper were piled on top of each other all the way to the rafters. But the files that Chief Bennett sent to Sam said otherwise. It was really a front for smuggling of all kinds. From exotic pets to drugs, and even Sex slaves, it seemed that Claude and his buddies moved it all.Sam drove right past Treeless Print and parked in an alleyway in between Claude's neighbor's warehouse and another warehouse. Unfortunately for Sam, that was the closest alleyway that was wide enough for his car to fit in. He parked his car in reverse and prepared himself for what may come. He made sure his guns were loaded and discarded all unnecessary items from his pockets. It was now show time.Sam got onto the sidewalk and walked past the warehouse next to Claude's. He then snuck into the alley between that warehouse and Treeless Print. As with all older warehouses, there were windows on the side of it and Sam already knew that he could use them to sneak in. He immediately started looking through all the garbage left in the alley by both warehouse patrons on either of its side for something to stand on. The sturdiest thing that Sam found was a plastic bucket from the beginning of the century. He decided it was better than nothing.Sam got on the bucket and quickly surveyed the inside of the building. To his surprise, there actually was paper in the building. With the amount of stacks that he saw, Sam started to think that at one time the warehouse did belong to a legitimate business. All the paper stacks were along the edges of the warehouse's interior and they stuck out about 20 feet from the walls. They were all arranged in a U shape that stretched from one side of the building to the other. There was, however, an opening that led to the only office in the building. In the center of the warehouse there was a van parked with its front end pointing towards the door. To Sam's surprise, it was about as old as his. He could tell by the fact that it too ran on wheels.With all that observation out of the way, Sam checked to see if anyone was on the warehouse floor. When he saw that the coast was clear he started to carefully lift the window. He knew that the older manual windows could make a sliding noise and sometimes even creak. Thankfully, this window went up smoothly and without incident. With the window up, Sam quietly climbed onto the window sill and gingerly let himself down to the warehouse floor. The stacks of paper that reached between six and ten feet in height would provide perfect cover for him. At this point Sam's decided to take out his semi-automatic pistol. Then, slowly, he made his way near the edge of the stack of papers to see if anyone was indeed inside the warehouse.With no one in sight, Sam decided to weave in and out of the paper stacks as he made his way to the office. He was at the last stack of papers providing cover when Sam heard voices coming from behind the office door. He poked his head out and saw silhouettes through the stained glass office windows. He was about to get up when he saw the figures head towards the door. Sam immediately got back into cover.The door opened and Sam started hearing the whirring of machinery. Then, he heard a robotic voice speak, "All this time and you still can't eliminate the Rogers Gang."That was definitely Steven Claude, thought Sam. That robotic voice of his has a cold raspiness to it. I wonder if his human voice was anything like it."Without you here boss things have gone to hell. Everyone's too busy fighting to be the head guy."That must be Johnny Swing, thought Sam."Head guy?!?" yelled Claude as he turned to look at Johnny. "They did know that only until yesterday I was alive, right? I may have been in prison, but I still gave everyone orders to follow.""I know boss, but they all, " Johnny hesitated to continue, "seemed to have lost their fear of you. It's pretty hard to be afraid of someone whose not there to do anything to you.""Well, then, I guess it's time to show them that their non-fearful leader has returned."A lump hit Johnny's throat then. He knew that this would be the rest of the gang's last day on Earth.Sam had been able to hear that entire last part of the conversation, but Claude's and Johnny's voices were now getting hard to hear. That most likely meant that they were nearing the van. It was time to swing into action. He got out from behind the stack of papers, took out his second pistol and aimed them straight at the two perpetrators. The laser sights activated as soon as he touched the triggers of his guns. With his lasers on target, Sam then cocked the two pistols. The sound reverberated throughout the silent warehouse. Claude and Johnny stopped right in their tracks. Sam then said, "I want the two of you to put your hands behind your heads and turn around slowly."Claude turned around first, every one of his steps pounding on the concrete floor. He had not put his hands behind his head. "Why on Earth should we do that?" he calmly, but coldly asked Sam."Because if you don't, I'll have no choice but to blast you into pieces of scrap, " Sam retorted. At that point, Sam then saw an angry look on Claude's face. Just like Chief Bennett had told him, he was a stone cold killer and even this new robot face of his showed it. "An officer of the law are you?" asked Claude."Used to be, " was all that Sam told him."Well, Johnny, it seems that we have a bounty hunter in our midst."Johnny looked over at Claude unsure of what he should do. He decided he would wait for Claude to make a move first. He had never encountered a bounty hunter before, and didn't know if they played by the same rules that police officers did. He thought it best to let Claude take charge. After a few tense and silent moments Johnny saw how Claude was going to handle the situation. Claude let out a robotic scream and started charging at Sam.Sam held his ground as he fired upon Claude. He let out all the shots he could before rolling out of the way of Claude's charge. Claude then crashed through the office leaving broken glass and splintered wood all over the floor.Sam got up and was about to pursue Claude when a laser beam whizzed over his head. Immediately he ducked behind the stacks of paper once again. "I hope you know that laser weapons have been banned from the hands of citizens, " Sam yelled out."Really?" Johnny said sarcastically, "I had no idea."The only positive thing about a criminal carrying a laser weapon is that this one seems to be carrying a semi-automatic one, thought Sam. If it were an automatic I'd be in a whole lot of trouble.At that point Sam heard the steps of Claude's metallic body getting closer. The only thing he could do was hide a little deeper in the stacks of paper. He took this time to reload his guns and prepare for another go '"round. Then, he heard the thundering steps go a little past his hidden position. Claude then asked Johnny, "Where is he?""He's hiding in the stacks of paper."As soon as Sam heard Johnny say that he put his guns up in firing position."You want to flush him out, Boss?" Johnny asked Claude."No, there isn't enough time, let's go, ""Are you sure, Boss?" Johnny asked, surprised at Claude's unusual behavior. "I mean, he's probably going to keep coming after us.""Then, let him, " Claude told Johnny irritated. "See what he gets if he's foolish enough to do so."As Sam heard the steps thundering away he started to poke his head out. He saw now why Claude didn't want to pursue him. The shots that he fired at him had done some damage after all, that, and the crash through the office wasn't so harmless either. Sam saw metal plates with dents, fluid leaking through seams, and who knows what interior damage occurred. Claude may have a robotic body now, but apparently he didn't know that there was more than one class of them. The body that Claude was running around in was a Class D body, not the strongest one of the bunch, but it can still resist damage better than a human body. Nonetheless, Sam would have to stop him one way or another.Once Claude and Johnny had entered the van, Sam decided to make his move. As the van pulled out of the warehouse he started to run to his car parked in the alley. He was pretty sure that Claude and Johnny saw him in their rear view mirrors.Sam popped the trunk of his car and grabbed his AR-18 automatic assault rifle. He then jumped into the driver seat and put the pedal to the metal on his V-8 turbocharged Stallion.Sam had chosen the Stallion for his work because it was made just before the cylinder and horsepower restrictions were introduced on a worldwide basis. The 479 horses under the hood have come in very handy now that many criminals are starting to purchase'"or steal'"the newer hovercraft cars, especially since civilian models are limited to no more than five cylinders and 275 horses. He also modified the front end so that it was surrounded in steel tubing that acted like a battering ram. It actually has served him well in some situations.With the van that Claude and Johnny were in being so heavy and hard to maneuver at high speeds, Sam was able to catch up to them in no time. The streets were mostly empty on the south side being that everyone was back to work. The only problem would be if Claude and Johnny got onto the expressway and headed into the interior of the city.Sam had a feeling that that is where Claude was heading. He had been damaged in their little skirmish back at the warehouse and he was seeking to get even with his former henchmen before his metallic body gave out. Claude didn't even want to use precious time trying to kill him, that right there showed how bad Claude himself thought the damage was.The chase was nearing an entrance ramp onto the expressway and Sam knew he had to do something before Claude got onto it and caused death and destruction on his way to vengeance. He decided to slow down a bit and gave the van a little breathing room. He saw that the entrance ramp was a typical one car lane and that gave him an idea.Johnny started to widen himself out and prepared to make the left turn at a high rate of speed. As he neared the entrance ramp Sam pushed the pedal to the floor and rammed the van's left rear quarter panel. The van skidded sideways and its right side hit a concrete wall. Sam put his Stallion into reverse and maneuvered it so that he was facing the left side of the van. He then put the car back into first gear, revved the engine and charged right at the van. Sam aimed straight for the driver side door.The Stallion hit the van solidly and pieces of glass had flown everywhere. Sam exited his car aimed his assault rifle at the front of the van and unloaded at least half the clip on it. Quickly he unloaded the half-filled clip and put a full one in. He then looked into the direction of the driver seat and saw that Johnny's head was leaning on the steering wheel lifeless. Then, Sam heard the rear doors of the van open. After that a loud thud hit the ground. Claude then slowly appeared from behind the van."You have cost me my chance at Vengeance, " Claude said enraged. "In their place, you will now die." Claude then charged towards Sam.Sam fired at Claude unloading his clip. He saw damage being done, but he also saw that Claude was still charging. His anger was fueling him now, not oil and hydraulics and circuitry.Claude jumped over the hood of Sam's car and landed behind him. Sam took his pistol out and turned to face and shoot Claude, but he slapped it away with his metallic hand. Claude then grabbed Sam by the throat flung him against the van.Sam's back hit the side of the van and he landed on the roof of his car. He then rolled off to the car's right side. Claude then jumped onto the hood of the Stallion and looked at Sam as he crawled towards the car's rear quarter panel. Claude got back on the pavement and slowly followed Sam. He then told him, "Nice wheels, after I kill you I'll use them to run over the pieces of crap who don't think me so fearful anymore."Claude then reached down to grab Sam who at the same time had reached into the right rear wheel well and had grabbed an automatic pistol hidden in a specially built compartment. As Claude took a hold of Sam's left shoulder and turned him around, Sam put the gun right at Claude's metallic throat and pulled the trigger. With as fast as the automatic pistol fires, Sam was sure that three-fourths of the clip was gone.Claude' metallic body fell harmlessly on top of Sam. He rolled out from underneath it and lay on the pavement for a while. The job was done.Sirens started to wail in the distance. Sam was sure he knew their destination. A minute or so later five patrol cars arrived. From the passenger seat of one of them out came Chief Bennett. He walked to where Sam was laying down and knelt down beside him. He said, "You got him, huh?""Yeah, Chief, I got him, " said Sam, more relieved than anything. "You know, I hadn't gone after someone quite like him in a while.""Yeah, I know, " said the Chief. "I try to keep you away from the likes of him, but I thought this one needed to be resolved quickly."Sam then sat up before saying, "Well, I'd say that a day is pretty quick. How about you, Chief?""Yeah, it's pretty quick, " said the Chief. He then helped Sam up to his feet."So, Chief, how soon can I get that big check you promised?""Tomorrow, you can pick it up tomorrow. Why you want it so soon anyway?""Oh, it's just that someone hasn't seen me as of late, and they would appreciate it if I spent some extra time with them."Chief Bennett looked at Sam and said, "All right, get out of here. I'll clean this mess up for ya.""You sure?" Sam asked the Chief. "You don't need my car for evidence or anything like that.""Go on get outta here.""All right, " Sam said. He got to his car and sat in the driver seat for a moment before getting his holo-phone out of the glove compartment. He then dialed Athena's number. When she answered, Sam said to her, "Hey sweetheart, how does a weekend in the Big Apple sound like to you?"By R. Castro, Jr - I am currently a junior college student. My major is Radio/TV and I hope to one day host a sports talk radio show. My interests also include politics, cars, history and video games. I have written a sport...  

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