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Intimacy Can Be Fun Again With Sex Furniture

Every relationship can stand a little shot in the arm now and then. No matter how happy you are, you can always make things better by finding ways to bring a new spark into your lives. One of the most interesting and fun ways that you can add some spice to your Sex life is by incorporating Sex furniture into your home.

A Long and Colorful History

There are a lot of people out there who hear the words sex furniture and immediately think of the stuff you would see in a S&M dungeon on TV. The truth is furniture designed for intimacy has been around for a very long time. In some parts of the world the use of intimacy furniture has been in place for many centuries. In fact at some point almost every major world culture has had a period where the art of making love on specialized furniture was popular.

The idea of furniture which is designed and built solely for sex is not new. In fact sexual intercourse furnishings have been around for thousands of years. The Romans, the Turkish and the Chinese all have histories of common place sexual intercourse furniture. Some of these designs ranged from simple, such as the fellation chair common among the quarters of Roman army soldiers, to elaborate pieces such as the Carnalbulus Litter, this mobile bed chamber was carried by eunuchs of the emperor and allowed him to take to his loins any woman whom he saw fit at any place he wanted any time. It is said that this was a development that arose after seeing a similar item in use among the ruling class of the Turks.

Today, Things are Even More Interesting

Today we are seeing a resurgence in the development and design on sex furniture. This is due in part to the more liberal opinions about sex which have developed in the past few decades. This renaissance has seen a much wider array of sexual furnishings that any other period in history.

There dozens of manufacturers, selling hundreds of different furniture items. You can get these pieces of furniture from internet retailer, catalogs, expos, local adult intimacy stores and through home sale direct marketing companies which specialize in adult intimacy items.

Swing, Slings and Baskets

Sex Swings are commonly designed for male and female couples. They are designed to accommodate an average size and weight woman. The sex swing consists of a seat strap which is padded, a back rest strap which is padded and 2 legs straps which have hook and loop fastened cloth loops which hold up the knees. The male partner can stand between the thighs of the female in the swing. This position opens up a wide variety of variation to traditional vaginal intercourse.

The Sling however is designed usually for male/male anal intercourse either via traditional penile penetration or hand penetration. These slings are often what is called "full back" and are supported on all four corners of the seat my chains to a full floor sitting frame structure. The design is intended to accommodate the extra size and weight of an average to above average adult male.

Tables and Chairs

When talking about more "advanced" sex play furniture, one of the most versatile items is the sex table. This table which is usually made of strong metal, is similar to what you would find in the exam room of a doctor's office. The table usually has features such a removable padded top, leg stirrups, metal loops for attaching restraints, slots for running bondage straps and in some cases small and adjustable system that can tilt up or down any section of the table surface or the entire table top up to 45 degrees down or up.

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