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Sex Games Not Just For The Bedroom

Have you ever been to party and thought to yourself "This could do with being spiced up a little bit?" Well if this is the case then why don't you entertain the idea of having a Sex games night? Just like a poker night but with a little bit more naughtiness, you should invite your favorite girls over, grab a couple of bottles of wine and swap hints and tips on how to get what you really want in the bedroom. For a really naughty night, you could even use Sex toys for your sex games, playing games such as hunt the toy; grab the toy when you know the answer or even what are these sex toys?

Sex is no longer such a taboo subject which means that it can be openly embraced. It also means that the industry for things such as sex toys has grown massively giving you more and more ways to get the sexual fulfillment that you deserve. It is for this reason that you should have a sex games night – it gives everyone a chance to swap and exchange stories and snippets of information about the various sex toys on the market and you never know you might just find your new favorite just by talking to a friend!

One of the best things that you can do when you decide to have a naughty sex games night with your friends is to get some supplies from your local sex store. You could use penis shaped straws, ice cubes and anything else that you like the look of to give the evening an authentic feel and you might even want to try and get your hands on some truth or dare cards. These are such a great way to get women to open up – give them a couple of glasses of wine and every girl in the room will be regaling the group with saucy antics from her past! As a way of learning new things to try in the bedroom and also the things that you should probably avoid, this could be the best method ever and certainly the most fun.

One great thing that you could encourage to open up a whole new world of sex toys at your sex games night is to get every female that arrives to buy a toy from an adult store. This could be a little vibe, a vibrating cock ring or even a double dong for those with a really open mind and a great sense of humor. Get everyone that arrives with their sex toys to place them in a box or similar container and at the end of the evening when everyone has had their fill or wine and gossip, get each woman to pick one out and give it a go. This is the perfect way to open your mind to new sex toys and your sex games night certainly will go down with a bang!

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