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5 Steps To Amazing Sex

Sex is a powerful 3 letter word. If you pay attention to news, entertainment, and life around you in general you can't avoid Sex and all the media and hype around it. You watch movies and read books that show you couples engaged in passionate exciting Sex and you just stare and wonder if it is really possible to have that kind of sex in your own life. Believe it or not, it is possible to have such an exciting love life. You may not know the secret to having it like the movies but after reading this guide you won't have that excuse anymore. There are five essential steps that you need to know that will blow your sex life out of the water.


You may not know how amazing sex can be because you may not have gone through a crucial step with your partner of exploring each other's bodies. Find time in your relationships to be open and vulnerable. You can do it on the bed in the bedroom, or lay a couple blankets out in front of the fireplace and find which points on partner's body bring her/him pleasure. Experiment with different forms of touch, whether it be lightly cascading your fingers down their chest or the passionate grabbing motion that sends them into arousal. For other couples it may be a combination of both used at different times or stages in their climax that will lead them into ecstasy. You'll never know or be able to get them there unless you take the time to explore or play with each other's bodies to find out which places on their body or what kind of touch sends them down the road into incredible Sex.


There have been many books written to help couples educate themselves on points on a human body that bring pleasure and excitement. Make trips to your local library or book store and invest time on learning how to make your partner's body burn with passion for you. Learn different positions, techniques and change up the surrounding to add spice and the element of surprise to your relationship. Becoming an amazing lover doesn't happen overnight, but through knowledge and experimenting with different tools and techniques that other couples or doctors have learned to make your sex life thrive!


No matter how amazing your moves are or the extent of your knowledge of techniques, there will not be much pleasure in your love making if there is not an open line of communication in your relationship. People come from different backgrounds and belief systems. Others have gone through difficult relationships or experiences in their lives that have shaped the way they feel or are able to feel pleasure from some sexual techniques or positions. The key to an incredible sex is to have two people who are completely satisfied physically, emotionally, and spiritually after a night, or at least those couple of minutes, of making love. Talk together as a couple openly about how you felt the night went. If something didn't go as smoothly as you envisioned or your partner did not seem to be fully satisfied, ask their opinion. Be ready to hear what they have to say and to change or tweak your style or technique to bring the maximum fulfillment to you as a couple. Also get the consent of your partner on new styles, positions or things that you want to try. If your partners is not okay with something that you wants to do or try do not push them because it will only lead the both of you to a night of frustration and disappointment. Talk about what made you wild with pleasure or what needs a little work so you know what moves to save and which ones to toss.


After trying new techniques/styles or methods always take time to discuss it and hear your partners thoughts on the experience. It doesn't have to be right after having Sex, but find a safe time and place that you and your partner can openly discuss your feelings. Don't go to your friends or buddies to discuss the pros and cons because that will only cause a feeling of betrayal and mistrust in your relationship. Think from a point that you two as a couple can only get better, but in order to get better you have to find what works, or doesn't work in brining pleasure and satisfaction in your sexual relationship. Use your words carefully not to hurt each other but at the same time be honest and always end your conversation talking about what did go right and how excited you are to try a new way of bringing pleasure next time.


There is not much argument with that. Partners that have confidence when it comes to the bedroom lay down the right foundation for the night. Make it a point to work on yourself as a partner and lover to instill confidence in the way that you feel about yourself and the skills that you possess to provide passionate, gripping pleasure to your partner. If you don't have very good confidence work on it. Read a book on building your confidence and self esteem. Surround yourself with positive people and peers that build you up. Speak positive thoughts to yourself. If you always doubt your performance and speak negatively towards this or any others area in your life, stop! Exports say it takes 28 days to change a habit so start speaking the kind of things in your life that you want it to produce. Think/Walk/Talk/Dress with confidence and eventually your attitude, thoughts and life will switch to confidence and there is nothing sexier than a confident partner.

By Stephanie Raide - Stephanie has been a blogger for the last two years. She enjoys educating others through personal experiences.  

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