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Having an Adult Dating Relationship with Your Best Buddy's Ex

.hot body that make you lose focus, making her your ideal woman. But the problem is her ex and your best Buddy is the same person.

This particular girl has been running through your mind for quite a while now. She has this great personality and hot body that make you lose focus, making her your ideal woman. But the problem is her ex and your best Buddy is the same person. So what the hell are you supposed to do? Let's consider a few factors before you even start thinking of having an adult dating relationship with her.

There are some guys that form a strong bond based on their mutual trust and respect for each other. If this is the type of relationship that you have with your best pal, it would be prudent to lay off his ex and look for another woman to have an Adult Dating relationship with. If your relationship began when you were kids and has stood the test of time, would you even dare risk it over a woman?

Regardless of how perfect you think she is, it's not reason enough to potentially destroy what you have with your best Buddy. The Sex alone is not worth it, nor is the emotional investment. A best buddy is a priceless commodity that can endure a lifetime, considering you won't have Sex with a woman he once had feelings for.

And then there is another type of best friend guys have, of the fun but sick and corrupt kind. He is the kind that would consider teaming up for a threesome or compare notes of sexual conquests with. It has a very slim chance of being the same best buddy as stated above, because this same best buddy would be open to the idea of you having an adult dating relationship with his ex.

The fact is some men have this wolfpack mentality with regards to women. We want our pack to score as much as possible, and celebrate in the endorphine-induced rush we experience every time we date and have sex with the same woman. This often misunderstood phenomenon is equated to passing on good fortune to your best friend. When you get some, you want others in the pack to get some as well.

However, some men do not like to share. And when genuine feelings are involved, the situation could be suddenly complicated.

To find out about the nature of his relationship with his ex, you must be a good judge of character. It is often accurate of how men are stereotyped as defective lines of communication, making even our best buddy oblivious of how we feel about his ex. If you think this is the case, it's time to play detective and dig for information. Did their relationship have a tragic ending? Who broke up with whom? Did he genuinely love her, or was she just a mild interest he just had to gratify?
What is crucial before you make your move is to consider all that is at stake, communicate and check your motive before you begin

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