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Online Dating-What's So Special About Russian Girls?

Why do many single men all over the world prefer Russian girls to others? Do they make the better house wives? Many would ask. I know you would like to get some answers to these controversial questions. As you read this article, I will attempt to address some facts and fictions about Russian girls.

The latest census figures show that Russia has an estimated 10 million more women then men, in other words women out number men by 10 million. Furthermore, the number of single women in their 20s and 30s exceeds the number of men significantly. This mean that if ever there was a divorce in a marriage, any woman with or without children has little or no chance of getting married again in Russia. To put it bluntly, there are not enough men in Russia to marry the teeming number of spinsters available: and what's more mortality rate of the working males is particularly high. With these alarming statistics in mind, check your Dating opportunities and you will be surprised by the quality of Russian girls looking for men to marry.

One main reason why Russian girls are preferred is that they are naturally beautiful. Yes, even though they say that "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" anybody who know how to appraise beauty will agree with me that an average Russian girl is effortlessly charming, mostly with natural blond hair. If you go online to Russian Dating sites, you'll be surprised at the array of beauty searching for true lovers.

Having said that, beauty alone is not enough to judge the quality of a woman, so let's see some other qualities of an average Russian girl. To a Russian girl, family is a high priority. At the age of 25 the average Russian girl has settled down to a family life. It is considered unusual that a girl is still unmarried at the age of 30. One thing you have you should know about Russian girls is that they are quite educated, as a matter of fact most Russian girls are educated and smart. You will be amusingly surprised at the educational level of Russian girls that are looking for men abroad. A university or college degree is a common thing, however, they'd rather have a stable family.They believe it's the duty of the wife to take care of her homes, tirelessly committed to their husbands and kids. The average Russian girl is exceptionally feminine, healthy, sexy, passionately sensual and thankful. Love-making is not a big deal for her: it's the pleasure and the beauty of mutual satisfaction. The truth is that the Russian girl while making love is really making love ... You will not regret.

It is noteworthy to mention that Russian girls are also very spiritual, they love their orthodox christian religion, however, the tradition of reading books, attending concerts, museums is still alive in Russia. Another pleasant quality about the average Russian girl is that they are extremely teachable, within the shortest time they are able to begin speaking a new language and adapt themselves easily to new environments and cultures. They are also very brave. It is not easy for anyone to leave their country of birth, relatives, friends, the job, and the native language and move to a different environments.

If you are seeking for a Russian girl online focus on the lady of your choice, don't be afraid to ask and answer questions, let her know that you are a sincere person and can be trusted. Finally, understand that in this article the term Russian girls includes girls from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, they all have very much in common. There are exceptions though so you be very careful in your choice. Good luck!

By Austin Millo - A data analyst, webmaster and a prolific writer. Austin has been writing articles for years. He has written numerous articles on a number of subjects.  

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