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Get The Most From Your Online Dating Service Fees

Online Dating sites are designed to match individuals with other like-minded people to form a variety of relationships from mere friendship to serious Dating relationships. Often times these sites will charge fees based on the type of services used by the client. For example, some online dating sites will allow you to post a profile for free and will even sent you potential matches. However, to use the rest of their services, you must subscribe to them. Some of these services include counseling services, being able to post a picture of yourself and view the pictures of potential matches and have access to the site's dating education resources.

Membership fees for online dating sites can be pricy, sometimes running up into the hundreds of dollars annually. Some dating sites will offer discounts based on the duration of services you purchase. For example, if you sign up for a year, an online dating service may offer you additional months or services free of charge. Once your contract is up, however be sure to contact the online dating service and cancel or renew your membership. If not, these services assume you will want to continue your contract and will bill your credit car accordingly.

Get Promoted

One of the best ways to get the most from your fees is to sign up for an online service during a promotional period. Most online services that charge a fee will offer discounts and other incentive packages during certain part of the year such as around holidays, like Valentine's Day.

Some promotional insensitive may include a matched membership. For example, if you sign up for a six month membership with an online dating service during a promotional period, they may offer you an additional membership at little or not additional cost to you.

A Guarantee

Some online dating sites will promise to match you up with the perfect relationship within a certain period of time. If they are unable to find a match or if you are unhappy with the patches they have sent or if you meet someone and the relationship does not work out, some site may offer a money back guarantee. However, this is rare. Most site do not want to give the money back that you've already paid, so they may allow you continue your membership for free for the same length of time you originally paid for. If you are unhappy with the online dating service and would like to switch rather than continue with a membership, contact the online dating service and discuss your options.

Before signing up with any online matching service, be sure to ask all the pertinent questions ahead of time about money, getting money back, their guarantees, how many people have been satisfied with their service and what to expect from the membership you choose to purchase. This is another way to make sure that you get the most from your fees and don't end up wasting money on a site that isn't quite what you're looking for.

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