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Read Your Vedic Moon Sign Rashi With Matching Kundali Or Birth

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Horoscope matching is a popular concept in India especially when two people are entering into a long term relationship or getting married. It is believed that matching horoscopes helps you find the similarities, areas of common interest, etc of two people about to tie the knot. While matching the kundlis or birth charts date like the date of birth, location, and Sex of the individual is needed and the result are based on their stars and position of planets. There are many criteria's that are used to match the kundli and see how the future and planetary motion of both individual will affect each other.

In Indian Vedic Astrology the rashi (or the sign) and the Nakshatra (or the constellation) in which the moon is placed at the time of birth in the horoscope of the bride and groom to be is considered. The factors considered on the basis of moon rashi are called gunas. The higher the match between the gunas (positive points) the better the match is considered. There are a total of 8 gunas and each one of them carries between 1-8 points. The total of these gunas is 36 points any couple who get more than 18 points is considered a good match.

The 8 criteria for Ashta Koot or Guna matching are as follows

1. Varna - spiritual or ego development: A total of 1 point is allotted this Guna. According to this people are divided in to 4 categories. These are

Brahmin - these are mooted the philosophers.
Warrior - these are regarded the leaders and the sawyers of the society.
Vishay - these are regarded as the business division people who perform the economical functions.
Shudra - these are regarded to be the labors.

It is best if the both the partners belong to the same varna. However a girl of lower varna may marry a boy of higher varna but not vice versa.

2. Vashya - Attraction and magnetic control: Two points are allotted to this factor. According to this people are divided in to the following categories.
Nara Rashi
Chatuspada Rashi
Jala rashi

Literally Vashya means Control It suggests the degree of attractive control and amenability the wife or husband would be able to work out on the other.It is indicative of Influence of one on his/er counterpart and showing taking lead role carrying on marital relation. It would be best if both their Moon signs are gracious to each other.

3. Grahamaitri - Natural friendship, Affection and Mental qualities. This factor has been allotted 5 points. This is supposed to deal with the psychological dispositions, mental qualities and their affection for each other. This exam is for computing the friendly relationship between the planets of the son and the daughter horoscopes.

4. Rashi kuta or Bhukta contributes 7 points out of thirty-six points in Horoscope Matching. It evaluated if the couple in consideration will achieve physical condition, accord, contentment, prolonged existence and prosperity, in order to live a happy life together. It is determined by comparing the arrangement of one's Moon Sign from the other's Moon Sign. If the combination is not harmonious, the couple may be dishonest and deceitful towards each other.

5. Dina Kuta or Tara Bala: In this the couple health and family happiness is indicated. The couple's well being, love & affection, health and longevity are also seen. In this, boy's birth star is counted from girl's birth star and thus obtained figure is divided by 9. If remainder is even number then it is understood auspicious compatibility. Likewise, girl's birth star And, this parameter will grant 3 points.

6. Yoni: It implies physical bodily contact compatibility. It contributes 4 points out of the total 36. Yoni plays a key role in laying down the groundwork for marital happiness. It is conducive for emotional compatibility. This parameter is important in view of mutual love & attraction, sexual behavior & inclination. This compatibility is assessed on the basis of Nakshatra's

7. Gana Kuta: This is allotted 6 points and the parameter shows behaviour aspects, Temperament, compatibility and character of the partners. On the basis of the Moon Nakshatra, the person is categorized in three Ganas. These are:
Dev (Divine)
Manushya (Human)
Rakshasha (Diabolical)

It is said if there is disparity in Gana, there will be quarrels and dissonance in relationships over financial management, inheritance and alimony settlements

8. Nadi Kuta: This is allotted the maximum points of 8 and is also the most important parameter. This aspect signifies the pulse or the energy indicating the psychological and hereditary factor. It is believed that the pair having the same Nadi will have to endure hardship due to their child. The Nadi inconsistency between two people is also called Nadi Dosha and generally regarded as a firm reason for denial of a marriage.

There are three different Nadis. These are:
Adi (start)
Madhya (middle)
Antya (end)
These three represent Prakriti (nature) of an individual that is his/her body constitution. As per Ayurveda there are three different Prakritis. These are:

All these gunas add u together for 36 points. However we should keeping mind that while guna milap is an important and integral part of matchmaking, but it is not the only thing that should be considered. Longevity, kuja doshas, Ascendants, overlapping Vimshottari Dashas are some additional considerations that should be looked at www.indastro.com

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