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An article from the Herald Scotland has revealed that free online Dating site EasyDate is taking part in a relationship itself with other free Dating site firm has signed a six month deal to run American based dating site as a type of 'try before you buy' deal.The newspaper article has also revealed that the Edinburgh based free dating site has also bought other dating websites and Spanish language dating site in June 2010 for a reported sum of 25, 000.

Speaking to The Herald, chief executive Bill Dobbie said: " is basically a try before you buy opportunity for us to grow this brand internationally."And now the online dating site is hoping its appeal will be felt across the whole world from people looking for love and friendship.In addition, he has also revealed when speaking to the paper that if this acquisition goes well over the next six months, EasyDate will purchase the American site from company Belamo.

He added: "We think it is a great domain name and has great potential. "Everybody knows that there is a lot of flirting before Dating. We won't acquire it if it turns out that it is not worth it."
Since founding the site in 2005 with partner Max Polyakov, Mr Dobbie has continued to go into business with other brands in an attempt to expand his company.Purchasing the lesbian dating site planetsappho and the Spanish site granamor, the company is now hoping to appeal to a much wider customer base.

Writing on their website, Mr Dobie explains the reason the company has been so successful in recent years.He writes: "One of the strengths of EasyDate Plc is the ability to offer different dating experiences to specific vertical markets worldwide. EasyDate fulfils a wide variety of customer needs and consolidates its presence in the industry."

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