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Online Dating is fun or at least its supposed to be. You get a variable smorgasbord of single men and women all at the touch of a button. You can choose who you want to correspond with based on attraction and similar interests and you can make new friends but recently it seems that fun has been taken out of online dating for you. That spark that used to be there just vanished and you rarely ever check your profile for new messages if ever. Is this just the way of the world when it comes to online dating? I say it loud and clear, NO! All you need is a few tips and a little perspective to bring back the fun to online Dating.

Reassess your goals. When you first placed your profile, maybe you were looking for a casual date or someone to hang out with, now you might be looking for something more permanent. When you do an evaluation of what you need right now, you'll be more able to tailor your profile to express those needs and this increases the chances of you getting what you really want from the online Dating experience.

Change your profile pictures often. I know a lot of sites have limits on how many pictures you can upload but you always want to keep your profile picture current. This is the picture that tells the online dating world that you are single and ready to mingle. Updating your picture often also forces you to get out of the house and do things that, well, that you would want to take pictures doing. No one wants to look at a profile picture of you sitting in your underwear watching television, unless you look like Brad Pitt or Beyonce, but that's another article entirely. Take great pictures often and your profile will look and feel more fun and fresh.

Block users who don't fit what you're looking to gain from your online dating experience. This might seem like common sense but a lot of people think that they are "keeping their options open" by not blocking just to get sleazy messages from losers only looking to use you for Sex, money, or both. Most online dating sites have a blocking feature so use it to your advantage. There's nothing that takes the fun out of online dating than to get a message that starts with "Wuts gud wit u ma" or "Hey Big Daddy is your wallet as big as your..." you get my drift.

Use the other features on the site that you may have never noticed before. Are there quizzes? Take them. Are there forums? Post in them. Is there a blog function? Write in it. You never know if one of your rants will bring the man or woman of your dreams right into your arms whereas it might not have happened otherwise.

Expand your search area when looking for compatible singles. So you've searched all of Seattle and there's not one rodeo riding, poetry writing, jazz playing doctor in the whole area? Then try looking in Miami. Broaden your search to places as far and wide as you feel comfortable. Who knows? You might just meet the one and if not you may just make a great friend who would just love to have you visit.

Broaden your idea of the right partner. Of course tall and handsome, or thin and sexy are important but does he have to be 6'4 .5" or does she have to have perfect perky 34Cs? Of course not. No one will ever fit our perfect ideal of a mate and many people have been pleasantly surprised to find that their ideal mate was nothing like they imagined. Compromise on only the things that you know you can't live without, like morals and ethics, choice to have kids, future goals, etc. Being picky is definitely helpful in keeping online dating fun but being too picky, especially on the not so important stuff, drags the life out of it.

Finally, join new sites as often as possible or as often as you feel the need without disabling your old profiles. With the advent of free online dating sites this is as simple as a Google search and signing up, if you don't want to pay for a membership. Sometimes the fun comes from putting more of yourself in more of the right places. When filling out each new profile, don't say exactly the same thing. Don't lie of course but if you're on a music lover's online dating site play up that point of your personality while avoid gushing about how you're such an avid horse rider. You can mention it but don't go on about it too much or that will make you look out of place. It does help to make your profile stand out but you don't want to give away all of your secrets in the profile because what then would you have to talk about?

Using these tips you will bring back some of the fun to online dating and maybe even find that special someone along the way.

By Candace Reeves - Natural Biracial and African American hair enthusiast, Natural Medicine Advocate, Wedding Fanatic, Self proclaimed out and about girl, and Permanent Designated Driver  

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