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Dating On The Internet: Free To Fish For Love On The Internet

Well at some point or another in our lives we all crave for love from the opposite Sex. That much is pretty well embedded in our genetic code. So with the easy access for millions and millions of us today with the Internet it is not surprising to find quite a few, if not hundreds of "dating sites" out there.

But where do you start?

Most site out there today promise some form of success or another and all have a few tales to tell of how two people hooked up through their site and went on to live happily ever after.

That's great!

So we know it can and does work for many who sign up. Internet Dating in a way takes out the pain of going out and meeting someone by chance.

Think of it as "Home Shopping". We can sit there in the comfort of our homes and browse the girls and boys. Who we like we simply click the message box and introduce ourselves in the hope we hook our soul mate.

But MOST sites out there want you to part with your hard earned cash before allowing you to send that first message.

So we sit there thinking yet again we are out to make some one rich before we can even think about our hearts and its plight! Okay so to man it's a small price to pay. After all guys will state it's pretty cheap in comparison to going to the local bar and paying girls compliments and buying drinks all night, only to find a majority of them get the dreaded "You're nice but no thanks."

So yes there is an argument that having to pay for a Dating site is cheap in comparison to endless weekends spending your hard earned cash trying to date a girl you like.

So are there any alternatives?

The good answer is a resounding YES! There are indeed a few out there. But what is it you want from a free site that has the benefits of a paying site?

Well like a majority of paying sites out there most are graphically appealing, with neatly set out user bars. But that isn't going to get you much success, right? After all you want the simple email and reply function with the ability to see who it is you are contacting and where!

There is a great site out there but due to publishing restrictions I cannot name it in this article. But think of "Fish" and "Plenty of". Reverse those around and there you have one such place!

So what about that site?

Granted it isn't a graphically stunning or beautiful site. But it is functional and that can't be a bad start. The servers are generally stable and rarely does the site crash. That makes it effective to the end user. Everything on the site is free and it packs quite a punch when it comes to functions and features.

The site benefits from moderators, all of which are volunteers. The site is safe and comes with its own set of rules which you must obey, otherwise you can wave goodbye to your account. The moderators will have no qualms whatsoever in banning users that don't adhere to the rules and that includes abusive language or pictures that people would find distasteful.

So what do I get as a "Fish" member?

It's simple and quick to sign up. No long winded questionnaires to fill out. Just a simple user-name, age and location and a short introductory paragraph is all that is required to get fishing. Then you have the ability to upload up to EIGHT free pictures.

Note that any pornographic pictures or indecent material is deleted almost within 24 hours. So again you can browse other users comfortable that you won't be witnessing anything that may embarrass you!

Features are Many

Instant Messaging, Smiles, Compatibility Testing, Matching by geographic destination and age as well as Sex is also part of the package plus much more. The ability to read and delete emails is simple and you can even see if the messages you have sent have been read or not. "Fish" users can also ban people they do not wish to speak to if they have fell victim to an abusive message from another user.

A rating system of who is hot and who is not is fun, as well as seeing who the Top 500 people are through votes! There is a fan list (who has voted you) and you can add to favourites and even write testimonials and post. It's all tasteful and great fun. Who you chat to is up to you and you also can see who has viewed you before you decide to contact.

Other Unique Features!

Perhaps one of the best and dare I say entertaining features are the forums. In fact quite a few people sign up just to browse the forums which range from many topics and not just restricted to relationships. It makes interesting reading to say the least and gives you a very objective view of people's opinions.

Other features are events that are at many times set up by dedicated users who wish to bring the community of "Fish" closer. These are usually local events in or close to the town or city you live and they are posted on the message boards or an email is sent directly to you inviting you.

It's not just another dating website to many.

In fact it is a way of bringing people closer together in a fun, relaxed and comfortable setting.

There are no doubt other features I have not covered in this article. But for one it's an awful lot for something you don't have to pay for. That can't be a bad thing in my opinion.


So there are such sites and here we have hinted at one popular one that continues to grow and grow that does not prompt you to part with your hard earned cash before you send a message.

It's a great community to join and is very popular in the USA, Canada and the UK. In fact it is expanding all around the world and achieves millions of hits per day from thousands and thousands of users. It's simple and it is fun.

Just one word of advice that many Fish users complain of: It can be highly addictive!

So why not try it if you are looking for that special someone or love of your life? You might just be surprised what you hook in that big sea of love.

By stuart fawcett -

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