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In the last decade, Internet Dating has grown more than any other form of Dating and it's growth has spread across the world. An area that used to be dominated by three big companies has now begun to branch out to fulfill geographical, preference and niche areas of Dating. The second most popular area for growth in Internet dating is Australian dating sites. Second only to the United States when it comes to Internet dating sites, Aussie-specific dating sites have more than doubled in the last decade. With electronic communication growing ever more popular and Internet dating becoming more socially acceptable, online dating for single Australians has reached a climax. Australian online dating sites are geographically specific, which narrows down the dating pool and makes matchmaking more convenient.

Chatrooms were one of the Internets first matchmaking services. With the advent of the Internet, chatrooms were new and exciting, so many people flocked this new form of electronic communication. Online dating sites have only grown from there. Geographical and country-specific dating sites popped up almost as quickly as the pioneers. Match.com, a site that started in the United States, was always an international dating site, but other countries quickly caught onto the Internet dating explosion. The first Australian dating site launched in 1997 and though it was a general matchmaking site it always had a military dating feature. AussieMatchmaker.com, one of Australia's most recognized and trusted Internet dating sites, boasts 700, 000 active members, many of which are members of the armed forces. The Australian dating site, Tease, launched in 2005 and is one of Australia's newest free online dating service for Australian singles. In 2008 a marketing entrepreneur launched the 3-D, virtual world dating site, Ticket4one.com that in just 3 months has grown to 20, 000 members.

Benefits: The benefits of online dating are considerable and with new niche and profession-specific dating sites popping up everyday, the popularity and functionality of Internet dating will only increase. One of the latest explosions in Internet dating has come out of Australia, with some of the most popular dating sites being offered for Australian singles. Each month, 20 million people visit online dating sites, and Australia is now second only to the United States when it comes to online Dating. One of the main benefits of Aussie-specific dating sites is that it narrows down the world population of singles to a more manageable geographical location. Many of the big matchmaking websites like Match.com and eHarmony.com do have international members looking to date within the military network, but they tend to cater to individuals in the United States. Australian dating sites cater specifically to singles in Australia.

Types: There are several different types of niche dating sites in Australia, which all offer preference-dating and profiling. No matter a military singles other preferences, there is a site available to offer matchmaking help. Traditional matchmaking sites, like AussieMatchmaker.com offer all the features you see from the pioneer dating sites. Adult Sex Dating sites, like AdultMatchmaker.com, cater to swingers and transgendered individuals looking for love or a casual encounter. Australian dating sites also offer gender and preference-specific sites for homosexuals. GayMatchmaker.com is exclusive to gay singles in Australia and New Zealand. Another non-typical dating site that Australia has to offer is a dating site called RSVP.com that offers free memberships. RSVP works a little differently than other dating sites because it works off of an RSVP system. Members must pay to send anonymous letters to other members and in order to respond, the receiver must then pay as well. Match.com, the most internationally recognized dating sites, has a large number of Australian military singles.

Online dating sites for singles living in Australia allows for singles in this geographic location, which often include New Zealand, to meet one another. Many of the features for Australian dating sites are similar to other well-known and internationally recognized sites, like the ability to create personalized profiles and a matchmaking service that finds matches for you. Australian dating sites allow you to send and receive emails and instant messages, as well as browse profiles and pictures. Many of these sites also offer chatrooms to their members and a bi-monthly or monthly newsletter. An Aussie dating sites main objective is to provide members with the opportunity to meet single men and women who are looking for love, romance, a casual relationships or friendship. Some of these sites also offer niche-specific dating and matchmaking, like cross-generational Dating, senior dating and single parent dating.

One of the most progressive moves in online dating features recently came out of Australia. An online marketing expert from Queensalnd, Rodney Davies, launched Tichet4one.com, a dating website that offers its members a 3-D edition of all their favorite online dating features. The 3-D virtual world at Ticket4one.com directs members to a number of dating resources, like flash chat rooms, direct email systems, compatibility scoring and organized sharing of singles events by using the advancements in electronic dating. As the online dating industry continues to grow, so too does the necessity for more specific preference-dating and options. Ticket4one.com is designed to grow with the technology and user needs.

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