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Free Online Dating Services - 4 Ways to Spot a Liar

When you are using free online Dating services, you may occasionally suspect that one or more of your contacts are not totally honest. Here are some ways to search out the truth.

There are many people who choose to use free online Dating services in order to find a life partner, or just someone to hang out with. Unfortunately, there are also a few who have negative purposes in mind. These people may not always realize that they are not being honest, but it can be just as painful finding out that someone you care about is not the person you thought you knew. It is important that you are able to determine whether or not the person you are learning to know is being honest with you. Here are some hints that will help you determine whether you are being told the truth or not.


One of the methods to help determine whether the person you meet at the free online dating services site is to review their comments and claims and look for inconsistencies. If you learn more about the other person and see that some of the new comments that you hear about who they are or what they have done and it doesn't match what they have said in the past, it should be cause for concern at some level. For example, if you hear traces of a particular accent in the speech of the person, yet they claim to be from a totally different background, it may be because they are pretending to be someone that they are not.


Another area that will help determine if your contact on the free online dating services website is if the other person tells you things about themselves that are implausible at best. These are the claims that it might be difficult to check, but still sound on the surface as if they could not be possible. An example might be if the other person claims to be associated with some famous person in their past. Another possibility would be if the person claims to have 'almost' won some feat or contest but made the decision to not win for some reason.

Limited Personal Information

Although most people who are making use of free online dating services are cautioned to avoid placing sensitive information on the internet where it can be used to attack them or to gain access to key financial figures, you may want to be cautious about a person who refuses to provide ANY personal information as the relationship progresses. Perhaps the person is avoiding providing information because they don't want to run the risk of a lie being exposed.

Trying to Move too Fast

If the free online dating services individuals that you are getting to know better attempts to push you into a level of relationship that you are uncomfortable with, it may be because your instinct is telling you to slow down. Maybe you would prefer to take things a little more slowly, perhaps you are not ready to meet the other person face to face. This may be the result of things in the other person's statements and personality that just don't add up.

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