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SoCal Sinus - Sinus Surgery Thousand Oaks

If you have been suffering from chronically inflamed and infected sinuses that have persisted for months or even years, sinus surgery in Thousand Oaks, may be your solution to easier breathing. Dr. Cohen, founder and innovator of minimally invasive image-guided sinus surgery (MIGSS™), provides surgical options for your sinus conditions. MIGGS™ is painless and less invasive than variations of the procedure.

Sinus surgery by Dr. Cohen requires only endoscopes and specific instruments to target the sinus problem. This procedure involves removing the diseased sinus tissue to allow for better drainage without disturbing healthy tissue in the sinus cavities. If you have tried non-surgical solutions with no result, it is important to have your sinuses checked by a professional. Inflamed sinuses and trouble breathing lead to more complications, such as sinusitis, sinus headaches, olfactory issues, or sinonasal polyps.

Sinus Surgery in Thousand Oaks requires a pre-operative CT to map out the sinuses and create a surgery plan. The CT acts as a blueprint for the doctor and helps the doctor avoid important areas like the brain and eyes. In addition, the CT can bring to attention other issues, like a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates causing obstruction. Thus, the surgeon can completed an addition procedure, lie a septoplasty while also doing the sinus surgery in Thousand Oaks.

For many patients, nasal congestion and sinus headaches fade in severity and frequency. In addition, there are less reported sinus infections following the surgery. There is little pain or discomfort either during the surgery and post surgery. In fact, with Dr. Cohen, many patients report that there is not significant bleeding or pain after undergoing sinus surgery.

For patients who suffer from sinusitis or other sinus issues, investigate your options – sinus surgery in Thousand Oaks may be the solution you need to breathe easier.

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