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A Surprising Reason For Tooth Decay

You might be using almost all measures to keep yourself along with your kids healthy. Creating a balanced eating plan during the course of the day and training in the Gym are your schedule. You happen to be cleaning and also flossing teeth together with your kids twice a day. Still one fine day you have for a shock while you realize that a cavity has set inside your mouth with your young children the teeth. This is the time you need to do a good analysis as to what is activating the tooth decay in your mouth.

While consulting a dentist you happen to mention you're having packaged juice almost everyday and feeding the same to your family members. This is the time your dentist will be able to comprehend the real cause of the actual decaying enamel. New research found fruit juices laden with vinegar and that is acidic in nature and contributes majorly to your tooth decay as it corrodes to the enamel.

Another reason that is attributed to the triggering of tooth decay due to fruit juice is the presence of high quantity of sugar in fruit juices. This quantity may sometimes be higher than that present in soda. Sugar acts like a tonic for bacteria and the microorganisms present in the mouth of human beings. Plaque formation also gets a shot in the arm by getting sugar as one of its ingredients. The bacteria present in the gums irritate the gums and lead to gum diseases which eventually lead to the fall of teeth.

The enamel on the teeth forms a protective covering but one needs to protect this protective covering aggressively. Though it looks tough on the surface but it is quite fragile and prone to acid attacks. The acid formed in the mouth is enough to corrode it and expose the underlying tissues and nerves to the outer environment that will surely play havoc with the nerves and tissues once exposed.

This is a reasonably difficult situation as the dietician has recommended you to have ample quantities of fruit juice to keep your entire body in the best shape. Now here while having fruit juice the tooth enamel is decaying making an adverse effect on your oral health. There are many methods that can be employed to make sure that your teeth don't rot just because you try to keep your body healthy.

Follow some tips while having juice. It is going to unquestionably allow you to save your own tooth for a long time. Have drink with a straw. Under no circumstances swish it around inside the mouth. An individual don't have to chew it thus you can make sure that the juice you are having has a minimal contact with your teeth. Make it a point to brush your teeth with good quality toothpaste when you have had juice. If you aren't able to brush your teeth at that very moment ensure you swish the mouth area with water in order that there won't be any traces with the juice left between the teeth. Ensure you save your oral health while keeping your state of health.

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