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A recent online article examined how many online social networks have created programs to bring their communities to the convenience of mobile phones. Popular sites such as Myspace and Facebook have taken the reigns and started the mobile version frenzy. Soon after, adult social network sites have unveiled their own mobile versions.

Adult social networking is unique in the sense that adult singles are typically looking for more casual relationships and on a much quicker pace with more frequent meetings with other members. Personal adult ads can now be accessed by members using the free service on their mobile phone. Adult social networking sites have made it easier to connect with other adult singles, and bringing forth a mobile version only facilitates that process.

The advantages with mobile adult social networking is that at any given time, adult singles can utilize the service while away from their main computer for Adult Dating, Sex search, or quick flings while away from their home.

The subject of privacy also comes to mind, as adult social networking is not widely accepted by more traditional and old-fashioned individuals. Be it those at work or in the household, adult content must sometimes be guarded from other less-accepting people. By accessing Adult Personals, adult classifieds, and adult blogs directly on a member's mobile phone, adult singles can rest assured that their privacy is protected in the safety of their own pocket or purse.

An example of how the mobile version of an adult social networking site facilitates member connections even more so than from the home PC, is by a simple adult blog. Perhaps a member is visiting another town on business, and would like to meet new friends or even a casual fling during his or her brief stay. By posting a simple notice on their adult blog, he or she can make themselves available to meet or chat with other local members seeking the same thing.

Vacations and business trips used to be limited and stereotyped to local escort services, whereas, with adult social networking sites, it allows adult singles to meet other real members for a genuine friendship or casual relationship for free.

Mobile versions of adult social networking sites have been dubbed "Online Adult Dating To-Go" where members can access these services from the convenience of their own mobile phone.

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