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Charlotte, North Carolina is Eclectic, Busy

My friend just moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, after being separated from the love of her life for her entire adult years. Through the popular Facebook, they reconnected when his sister found her online and then shared stories about her brother still pining for her.

Since they came back together a little more than a year ago, they told each other about their lives apart, shared the memories of their childhood and how their fathers did not want them together, got engaged using the diamonds from his mother's engagement ring, and now married.

As I've followed her new life, she has shared photos of her new hometown of Charlotte – a whimsical, fun city located halfway between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. One photo shows a street magician playing with the crowd; another picture shows a statue of a railroad worker with the gleaming windows of a commercial building behind it.

Charlotte is eclectic. It embraces its history, but it is modern. Charlotte is surprisingly the largest metropolitan area in the Carolinas, with one in four people having moved there just in the last decade. Why? Because the city has a good business atmosphere, a milt climate, many activities and diversions, and very affordable homes in diverse neighborhoods.

On average, homes are about $150, 000 in the area – with location and condition always being a contributing factor to the final value. Homes have dropped in value by about 3.5 percent since they peaked in 2007. Although the drop is evident, it has not been devastating to the city like in other communities and in entire states.

In the $150, 000 price range, Charlotte homes include condos, new construction, existing homes, houses with more than 2, 000 square feet, and one of my favorites: a house with mature trees and a private, shady back yard. The hardwood floors and fireplace add to the appeal, along with the walking path to a nearby park. There is some interior work needed – for example, the light fixtures should be updated and the windows should be replaced with some that are more energy efficient, but overall it's a beautiful home located on a quiet cul de sac.

In Charlotte, one of the best places to live is Uptown. To buy affordable real estate in this area, buyers may want to consider condominium living. The bonus is there is no yard work to be done, most units are modernized with granite counters and stainless appliances, and you can get skyline views. The down side is the condos are very small, but riding a trolley to work could make up for that.

Overall, you won't want to miss exploring Charlotte as an option to invest in real estate. The town is wonderfully interesting, the economy is strong in the area, and the location is superb.

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