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Adult Communities New York - Things to consider

A lively lifestyle really should be an important part of adult retirement. Great retirement communities in New York are those that keep the mind, body and emotions busy. Whether it's you who will be retiring or your parent/s you should strongly consider these factors.


Nearness to particular locations still matter. One of the primary concerns when picking among adult communities in New York is closeness to immediate family members. You want to be near the children or brothers and sisters. It makes it easier for them to visit you and vice versa. If you are the type who's closer to your friends, then go with a place that's near the majority of them. A good distance is being an hour or two away by driving.

If you have grandkids, try to look for a place that is just 15-30 minutes away. Your children will likely prefer you to take care of the kids rather than pay money for expensive day care centers. It's also a better way to keep the family close. A personal tip - it's etiquette for your kids to pay for your travel expenses and provide you with some shopping money.

Some retirement communities in New York do not allow anybody below a particular age (55 - 64) to enter the area. Some communities hire employees to be of that age range! For that reason you may end up doing the traveling or your kids might have to pick you up.

Clearly you need to be near a great hospital. When you have special medical conditions be sure your hospital specializes in this practice. On the other hand you might like to be near your doctor.

Transportation Available

Consider yourself fortunate if you could still drive. Otherwise, you'll want to think about how you want to go to your friends and family. Check for trains and buses in your area especially if they operate on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekends are usually the only time your children and grand children will be free. A service bus adds value to any community.

Bonus to Location

It is a bonus if you retire near a beach or forest. Being near the beach will mean your family will be constantly visiting you - even perhaps during the whole summer. It's also nice to go for a morning and evening stroll by the beach.

It's a lot better if you're near a national park. You'll be able to take regular walks at the park and have picnics with family and friends. Painting, playing a music instrument - they're only some of the possibilities. Take some caution and check if there are bears in the area.


You are likely to have a lot of free time. If you're assisting your children, it will help to be near shopping centers. Large department stores are always handy. Grandma and daughter can be near salons or spas. Grandpa and son can go to the gym. Excellent adult communities in New York have these facilities.

A clubhouse with sports facilities are a plus. Some grandkids wouldn't like to visit because there's nothing to do. Be sure you check if there are video games, pools, tennis courts, and other facilities available. While you may not need these your grandchildren will. It's also a great way to interact with today's generation of kids.

The Home

Finally choose the home to retire in. Whatever your budget permits study it. A big retirement home isn't anything without your family in it. Check the rules of any adult communities to see what fits your needs best. The most expensive and most exclusive isn't necessarily the best.

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