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Air Boat Rides in Orlando Florida - Sightseeing and Night Life

Tired of conventional travel destinations? Well, you can have the adventure of a lifetime with an airboat ride and gator hunt at Black Hammock Adventures outside Orlando Florida.

This destination is a well known tourist attraction in Central Florida for airboat tours sightseeing and nightlife.

An airboat is an ideal vessel for getting around lakes and wet lands. The air boat is a very stable craft, and it's completely safe to be on one when searching for gators. This type of boat is unique because it has the ability to move into narrow creeks and shallow wetlands. You will be required to put on some ear plugs as the craft can get a bit noisy. Black Hammock Adventures airboats can accommodate both large and small groups.

Fortunately, you will be under the care of a travel guide who is very experienced in the wild. Your Black Hammock tour guide is not your ordinary travel guide. He is a "crocodile hunter", which means that he specializes in locating alligators and knows where they like to sun themselves. Leaving the Black Hammock Marina your airboat will travel at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, exploring the lake and hunting alligators with your guide and your companions. They can reach over 13 feet in length and weighs over 800 pounds!

During the air boat ride, you may come across several alligators but never try and feed them. They have a bone crushing bite. Most of them look more like floating logs in the water, so you really need to be alert. The best time to take pictures of them is when they are sunning on the bank. But you have to be fast. They often dive in the water when people approach. Have your camera ready!

As your airboat glides along the banks of Lake Jessup you will also be able to see many different types of birds and cranes and other lake wildlife. Turtles are abundant along the lake and they often sunbath along the shorelines. Occasionally, a few curious rabbits may wander out of their holes and hop around the banks. They are a sheer delight to watch.

To go on a Florida gator adventure, each person has to pay a fee of $45 (regardless of age). Each airboat group must consist of a minimum of 4 persons. You can also request for special airboat rides - night rides and early morning rides but call in advance.

An airboat ride hunting for gators will give you an adventure (and pictures) you will never forget. After the airboat ride, relax on the deck, have a drink at the Lazy Gator Bar or enjoy the outdoor patio and some casual dining at the Black Hammock Restaurant.. Every weekend you can enjoy Orlando Florida nightlife with live entertainment and a deck party. Be sure to take some pictures at the gator displays before you leave! You can even have your pictures taken with a live baby alligator on your arm. That will give you something to talk about! Have a Black Hammock Adventure!

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