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CNN Money Says Memphis Tennessee Is One Of The Most Affordable Retirement Locations

There is so much positive information going around about the Memphis Tennessee real estate market lately its staggering. From the influx of Electrolux, the appliance manufacturing company, to Mitsubishi opening a manufacturing plant in Tennessee bringing thousands of jobs, to Pass Pro building the second largest Bass fishing outlet in the U.S. at the Pyramid in downtown Memphis. Things look great for the Memphis market. We even have the Tennessee Brewing Company adding quite a few jobs. Now CNN comes out saying that Memphis is the number one most affordable retirement spot. I am really excited what this means for Memphis real estate prices. There are also major reports that as companies become more nationalized many are migrating toward Memphis to be closer to FedEx's central location for distribution in the U.S. Companies want faster turnaround time on their products and less shipping costs so they are moving closer to FedEx. Here is the list on CNN Money:


On top of all of this positive news last week, the mayor of Memphis made an agreement with the city of Paris to forge closer economic ties for growth since they are both distribution power houses. I am so excited about Memphis and the increase in job growth in the market which will be helping real estate prices increase in the future. Historically Memphis real estate prices have raised an average of 4% per year over the last 20 years and I see even greater growth potential going forward.

On top of the economic indicators, Memphis has some of the best rent to price ratios in the nation which mean that you can make a higher return on your money due to rental income than most other states. When you can invest in a market like Memphis that not only has positive indicators but where you can make a great cash flow return no matter what happens in the overall economy you are in great shape. Real estate is very market specific and if you invest correctly, by city, geographical area within the city and even to individual neighborhoods and streets you can make quite a bit of money. We help our clients develop strategic cash flow plans so that they can retire all based on Memphis Tennessee real estate. The general public, specifically the middle class is in great need of taking control of their own financial future and retirement. In this volatile U.S. economic time it's imperative that people look at investing in a completely different way and Memphis Tennessee real estate is one of the best ways to do it. It is a safe investment that is not hugely volatile, you can get built in equity on the investments that also produce a great cash flow return. It's time to stop handing your money over to money managers that took a 1 day training course and now say they are financial planners. Stop losing 40%+ in your 401k and take control of your future!

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